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Washington, D.C., Patriotic Ice Show and “The Price is Right” All Part of 2013 South Florida Fair

The South Florida Fair, Palm Beach County’s largest and oldest event ran from Jan. 18 through Feb.

3, with a number of new attractions including an impressive and patriotic 70,000 square foot exposition theme of “Washington, D.C., Our Nation’s Capitol.” Visitors were able to stroll through the Washington, D.C. themed Expo Hall’s distinctive exhibition,

which featured a presentation that included a salute to past presidents, a grand display of authentic First Lady gowns layered with official memorabilia, a replica of the oval office, a prominent 400-ton Lincoln Me- morial sand sculpture, an interactive voting display for the little ones, an Air Force One exhibit, select arti- facts from the Washington, D.C. Crime Museum, and a glittering ice show. “America On Ice,” presented by The Rosstyn Ice Show, showcased a production of world-class ice skaters and performers four times daily in the Ford Theater in Expo West. This show, along with the other

Expo attractions was free with a Fair admission ticket. Another new attraction was “The President’s Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office,” a new traveling exhibition

showcasing both iconic and rarely seen images of U.S. presidents through the eyes of their official photographers. The exhibition fea- tured 50 framed images and a text panel with brief biographical information on each photographer. Since the 1960s, photographic images have become an increasingly critical tool in how presidents are understood. John F. Kennedy was the first president to have an official photographer and nearly every president since then has had one. This exhibition offered a fresh and candid viewpoint on the life and work behind the famous facade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These engaging photos captured moments of high drama and turmoil and moments of family fun and intimacy. America’s favorite and longest-running TV game show — “The Price Is Right,” with Emmy-winning TV host Todd Newton — in-

vited fans to “Come on down!” as part of a live, interactive show. “The Price Is Right Live™” offered audience participation with the same enthusiasm, games, cash and prizes. Of course, the Fair would not be complete without the thousands of farm animals and feathered friends gathered in the Agriplex.

This area also includes equestrian events from dressage, show jumping and pleasure shows to western, barrel racing, clinics and more. Strolling through historic Yesteryear Village, open throughout the 17-day Fair, allows visitors to see how folks lived in inland South Florida during the late 19th century and they can even get a taste of some homemade ice cream.


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