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FIND YOUR INNER ROCK STAR This year’s Convention Keynote

Speaker will be Dayna Steele with the message “Find Your Inner Rock Star!” Dayna is a serial entrepre- neur, media and marketing strate- gist, nationally recognized radio and TV personality, the author of the best-selling business book Rock to the Top: What I Learned about Suc- cess from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars, and a popular motivational business speaker. As a top radio personality, Dayna was named one of the

‘100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts’ by Talkers Magazine, nominated as ‘Local Radio Personality of the Year’ by Billboard Magazine and has been inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Dayna created The Space Store, the world’s largest

space related e-commerce venture, and founded Smart Girls Rock, a social media network and product line to en- courage girls to make “smart the new cool.” Dayna’s other venture is Operation National Anthem, a series of free vid- eos of active U.S. service men and women offered to ven- ues throughout the country to play prior to the singing of the United States national anthem. AOL calls Dayna ‘one of the foremost experts on career

networking’ and Reader’s Digest Magazine named Dayna one of the ‘35 People Who Inspire Us.’ Dayna lives in Seabrook, Texas with her husband, author

Charles Justiz, and has three sons. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

“Looking At Fairs, Inside and Out—Finding

and Using The Positives” Presented by Bob Williams

Through the IAFE Speaker’s Bureau, we are pleased to

announce that Bob Williams will be presenting a special workshop at this year’s Convention. Bob Williams is a con- sultant for the Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture and visits over 35 county Fairs each year. Bob’s program titled “Looking at Fairs, Inside and Out—Finding and Using the Positives” will address everything from: how to gain the support of your surrounding communities; how to really welcome new board members and superintendents; devel- oping signage, inside and out, how to get your grounds landscaped at minimal cost; and developing attractive ex- hibits.

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare Presented by Heidi Herriott

Through the IAFE Speaker’s Program, we will be fortu-

nate to have two guest speakers at this year’s Convention. Heidi Herriott will present a workshop on Animal Rights vs

Animal Welfare. Businesses related to animals, including agriculture, are under attack by animal rights proponents. Their agenda is clear—to put animal related businesses out of business! If this has not already affected your Fair, it likely will. Your job of educating your patron about agricul- ture has become even more important. This session will provide timely and useful information to assist your Fair in dealing with this issue and understanding the climate in which we operate. You will learn to make the distinction between the Animal Right Community and Animal Welfare advocates. You will also be provided with tools and re- sources that will allow you to take a proactive approach when possible, and how to respond if you are already in a negative position. This sessions is important not only for your Fair’s Ag coordinator, but also board members, spokespeople, and Fair management. It is vital that every- one related to your Fair be on the same page.

IAFE To Offer Fair Management Class at Convention “Advertising/PR I”

Presented by Becki Woodbury This workshop is an introduction to the principles of ad-

vertising and public relations as they apply to promoting today’s agricultural fair. This is a general session for all at- tendees, even if not enrolled in the Institute. This workshop is great for those with little or no experience in advertising but will also serve as refresher course for anyone with some experience. The workshop will cover: *Introduction to marketing principles *The changing times of marketing * Promotion and Place – what and how *Time for audience Q&A

The workshop will be presented by Becki Woodbury –

BIO (Media & Research Director for CLM Marketing & Ad- vertising). Having worked as a media director for over a decade, Becki Woodbury is an expert in smart marketing, including advertising, research, and public relations pro- grams. Day-to-day, her goal is to provide clients with inno- vative ideas to reach well-researched target audiences ef- fectively. In the past, Becki has worked with the East Idaho State

Fair and currently fills a number of roles for the Western Idaho Fair, which celebrated its 115th anniversary this summer. She has been trained by the National Media Buy- ing Academy in all forms of media and received her B.S. in Mass Communication: Advertising/Public Relations from Idaho State University in 2000.

A Special Thanks To Populous For Again Sponsoring Our Keynote Speaker A Special Thanks to IAFE For Sponsoring These Special IAFE Workshops


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