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Love Pilates?
Take control of your HSE First Aid needs
The Five-Day First Aid Instructor Course
Whatever your background you could turn your
Includes the PTLLS Level 3/4 Training Qualifi cation
love for Pilates into a new and rewarding career
Non-qualified Pilates enthusiasts
• Train as a fully certified STOTT PILATES

Two-Day Emergency
First Aid At Work Instructor Course
matwork instructor
Teach the new EFAW Course!
• Full support every step of the way
Qualified fitness & health professionals
• Train as a fully certified STOTT PILATES
Nuco Training Ltd
matwork or reformer instructor
“…I found the
• Qualification at Level 3 through CYQ (optional)
Instructor Course to be
08456 444 999
excellent and a credit
• Earn 16 REPs points per course
to your company…”
Debbie Hull
0800 434 6110
(Bishops Sortford)
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Leisure Opportunities
Fitness Industry Training
From just £534 you can access
over 23,000 motivated leisure
Gym Instructor
professionals for 3 months
Exercise to Music
(6 consecutive insertions).
Water-Based Exercise
Committed to the leisure
Circuit Training
industry, they are potential
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Issue No 516 £2.00
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12 JANUARY 2010
Circulation 23,035 (July 07 – Ju
ne 08)
£220m Black
pool developm
ent plans p
By uPe t ote Haym n dan isplay
Local residents a cn red b ate a susine tas ts ee -s of-the-art
in Black commercial centre i
pool have been invited n Blackpool,
to comment on t wh he m ich wulti il- l hmi el- lp to attract
lion pound Talbo fut G rtha ete r iw na vey stment, improve
scheme after pro ep mo ps loals we yment ore pportunities and
put on public di osp ffla ey r a. n attractive, modern
Muse Develop fm ocent al ps, t oint whe here people can
developer behin md a £2 eet, d2 o b0m usiness and spend
regeneration pla tn h, s eir lig en ie sud a re time."
d Mike Ho
eal with Blackpool Counci rl i nn er, regional
March to transfo dr im t rech toe r at Muse Developments,
10-hectare (24.7 a-a dc dre e) s d: "ite If local peopl
aro T
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u hn e p
d t r
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o t awn im's N s to o rrth evitalise an area n oue r par B lans tlack hp en we wool No
r r
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tion a tn o sd T taa rl t wbot R ork ioa n 2d. 011, subject to
N ane d bw h uo st ie nl es, c ss saf pé as ce, re , ast s weau- ll as a follo sew cuin rg t ing phe p lanu nbl inic c g p
ra o
nt n ns
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sa s
d s ed -
h eo sp trs ha ianisve b ed se qen uare and tion e Tv hent b e publef io c cre b onse
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un l
a g
r a sma ur pk ee rd f mao rr t keh te s .ite in order sub wm hi it ct h wed t ao t s hh ee lo ld ac t Sa
to c l a
t Ju oh
o tm An o hp o
n’r s
le u itm tl y.ent 8 ine p5 la,0 n0 ni0 ns g aq m pplica- B Cl hac uk rp cho , Col C edo au r Snc qil l u
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, b
, e9 n f r
32 os r tq f ht e s) o cf n hee mw o e haffi s bce een prep Pea t 5
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ovember, was supported
u lot w w sil al b ide re : "Tv ai le bwe ot d Gat be y twa hy i e ts a ow
n o n's reppo gr entun ei rt ay t tioo n agency, ReB
£3.7m boost for K
ent heritage them
e pFu
tu are o rk pf Bri rta oin j
TO ADVERTISE, Contact the
's o ecld test surviving r Do Lll L cerco oa m
st pe lr s ete ec s ured with gover
B ny mP eet ne H t ca aym sh revamp scha en me
and a n Fite nw e ess oxh pi eb riti ato on s r D
The f p
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u ce
ture of one o Lf B loyr d Litai en i' ss outlining the pr uo re (jec Dt LL) has
o .ldest surviving ro cll oe mrc po la es tt ee d a rers, Nick Laister, chair o develop-
a s f tcen he ic railway rid me i ent sn M ca hr eg mat e te, Dreamland Trust, sa o ui pgrade
K dent : "T, ha his s been s
Leisure Opportunities team on
ec 1u 4 ored af f its Uter proposal has th K se a ib tei s.
t lih te D y to reamland Trust re The ficeive nad create an outsta l fnd oi un r clubs to
£ g3 , 2.7 1m f st-rom the go reve cern ive mment a' ks century attraction a eovet M rs were
Sea C argha atn eg .e initiati Wve o. "The scen kini gc r , Sa uilw rreay r y; C
o higwell, T lh lee f rcou an sd t-
ing will g Esso t exo ; Hwa ar td fis er has not operat ee ldd s , Hertford-
th ine re ce 2st 0o 0ra 6 tion of t sh he G ire ara nd d Ce and was badly d amam ba ridge.
I gI- eli M d bste ad r rga y fire o tl ele 's srco ca es nte ic rr, w ai At Ch lwi amc ah w y is t bra ids o following an arson a ge, the
c to ta
t: +44 (0)1462 431385
ns be r ck ltru e ac s st t e tod i ren 1 d t9 o i2 l0 ts fo a, a rges we rme st sil tl a r g e ts lory year. This grant sh o uou n
h ld n
elpi o
n w
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g to fund the develop- secure t revh ame f pu , Dture o LL haf t s i
m hent o Th is re
nvem ste
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h ke w ream -or lld an's fir d Trs ut st's plans able s £2tru 0c 0t ,u 0re a 00 in n pd a rl o
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u os r te o
m he £ rk ent p 12a m ark e ttx rc al cu tisi ov n iely nclude to sta 1r 0t o 0 nn re ew pbu ii eld cein s og i f C
com th t n
p e re er xis t in stg h orai tist oo n oric r f tid he e Gs. rade II*- yl
i es ate r, a
d D lo
re n
ipg w ment
aml ia tn h a
, w
d C ll t
in h
e e o
h we
ma th
re e r
rides t suha ppt we ha lied by Lve re ife Fsc iu te nd e. s" s.
Read Leisure Opp
w ow rtw u.l ne ii ts iu er se o op np lio nr e
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