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Passion Islam I February 2009 CORRESPONDENCE I 27
Just Pray the Salat
Sent in by Masum, Batley

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Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by
Albert Einstein (1979-1955)
A world of Smile
About ten years ago when I was She was wearing a little white dress almost instantly gave me a completely
an undergraduate in college, I was with red polka dots. new sense of what life is all about.
working as an intern at my University’s As the couple wheeled her up to She took me from a poor, unhappy
Museum of Natural History. One day me I was looking down at the register. college student and brought me into
while working at the cash register I turned my head toward the girl and her world; a world of smiles, love and
in the gift shop, I saw an elderly gave her a wink. As I took the money warmth.
couple come in with a little girl in a from her grandparents, I looked back That was ten years ago. I’m a
wheelchair. at the girl, who was giving me the successful business person now and
As I looked closer at this girl, I saw cutest, largest smile I have ever seen. whenever I get down and think about
that she was kind of perched on her All of a sudden her handicap was the troubles of the world, I think about
chair. I then realized she had no arms gone and all I saw was this beautiful that little girl and the remarkable
or legs, just a head, neck and torso. girl, whose smile just melted me and lesson about life that she taught me.
It looks like those
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artist have been at
Thank you for adding me to your
distribution list, I really enjoy reading
it again
Passion Islam Magazine, I live in a very
small town in Switzerland with very
small community of 15 Muslims consists
Sent in by of two families.
Taz I original came across the magazine
in a forum discussion, I think the issues
you cover are very intellectual and
interesting to the wider community,
keep up the good work I look forward to
receiving the next issue.
Excellent publication, enjoy reading it
every month, i always forward it to all
my contacts.
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