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20 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I February 2009
Hold that
when you have taken a decision, put after their Muslim brothers and sisters
thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those trying to expose their faults: Rasul
who put their trust (in Him).] – Surah Allah said, “O ye who have believed
Aale Imran, 159. with (only) their tongues, yet faith
Indeed, the Sahaabah followed the has not yet entered their hearts! Do
example of the Rasul Allah and were not backbite the Muslims. And do not
described by the Lord of the heavens search out their faults. For verily, he
and the earth as such: who follows the private matters of his
[Muhammad is the Messenger of Muslim brother, Allah shall follow his
Allah, and those who are with him private matters. And whoever has his
are strong against Unbelievers, (but) private matters followed by Allah, Allah
compassionate-merciful amongst shall expose them even if they were
Ibn Abbas narrates: On the day
each other…] Surah Fath, 29. (hiding) in the belly of their home.” -
of Nahr (in Hajj-the day of Eid),
One of the biggest and evilest authentic hadith narrated by Ahmad
RasulAllah [sallallaahu alayhi
wreckers of this compassion, love and and Abu Dawood.
wasallam] addressed the people and
brotherhood is backbiting. The word Imam Malik said about the sacred
said, “O People what day is this?”
in Arabic is Gheebah, coming from city of Madinah, “I have met in this
They said, “It is the sacred day!” He
the root: Gha-Yaa-Baa, meaning that land people that had no faults. But
then remained quiet. Then he asked,
which is unseen. When a Muslim sees they spent their time finding faults
“What month is this?” They said, “It is
his brother or sister committing a sin, in others and (as time passed) they
the sacred month!” He then remained
without advising them directly, they go accumulated their own faults.
quiet. Then he asked, “What land
to others - when they are unseen by “And I have met in this land people
is this?” They said, “It is the sacred
the specified brother or sister - and who had faults. However, they kept
land!” He then remained quiet, then
speak ill of them in their absence. silent when it came to the faults of
he announced, “Verily your blood and
Backbiting is Haram, it is one of others, and so (as time passed) their
your wealth and your honor is sacred
the major sins and repentance must faults were forgotten!”
(to one another) as the sacredness
be sought for this sin. There is no Listen! Allah is calling us: [O ye who
of this day, as the sacredness of this
other opinion in Islam. believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as
month, as the sacredness of this
Imam Al-Qurtubi said, “There is a possible): for suspicion in some cases
land.” Rasul Allah repeated it over
consensus (Ijmaa’) that backbiting is is a sin: and spy not on each other,
and over, then he raised his head to
a major sin and that it is Fard that a nor speak ill of each other behind their
the heavens and said, “O Allah, have
person do Towbah from it.” backs. Would any of you like to eat
I given the message? O Allah, have
Compiled by Muslim, Rasul Allah the flesh of his dead brother? Nay,
I given the message?” – Bukhari and
said to his companions, “Do you know ye would abhor it...But fear Allah, for
what Gheebah is?” They said, “Allah Allah is Oft- Returning, Most Merciful.]
Allah commanded us to be
and His Messenger know best.” He – Surah Al-Hujuraat, 12.
merciful, loving, and forgiving to one
said, “It is to mention something about What causes someone to backbite
another. And he made this a quality
your brother (in his absence) that he his Muslim brothers and sisters?
in His messenger so that we could
would hate.” It was said, ‘What if what Satisfying Anger
follow Rasul Allah’s example:
I say about my brother is true?’ He This is done by backbiting the person
[It is from the Mercy of Allah that
(sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “If who kindles his anger - so every time
you dealt gently with them. Wert thou
what you said about him is true then this person makes him angry, he
severe or harsh-hearted, they would
you would have backbitten him, and subsides it by backbiting the person.
have broken away from about thee:
if it is not true, then you would have Through this (the backbiting), he
so pass over (their faults), and ask
slandered him (buhtaan).” [Muslim] feels he is getting even with the other
for (Allah’s) forgiveness for them;
Look at the severity of the situation person.
and consult them in the affairs. Then,
and the result of someone who runs The cure for this is the advice of
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