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Passion Islam I February 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 23
hence incorporating a ‘Un-Founded’ his brother, let him tell him that he religion. We sometimes use avenues
celebration in to the Christian belief. loves him.” (Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi). such as culture and sometimes
Festivals are the most distinctive And he said: “By the One in Whose we use ideologies and practices
things by which religions are told hand is my soul, you will not enter that are against the teachings and
apart. The Prophet (SAW) referred to Paradise until you truly believe, and methodologies of Islam to have a few
the fact that every nation has its own you will not truly believe until you practices imbedded within Islam.
festivals when he said: ‘Every nation love one another. Shall I not tell By all means support each other
has its own Eid’. you of something that, if you do it, and shower each other with gifts
Love in Islam is more general you will love one another? Spread throughout the year. Spread the
and more comprehensive; it is not (the greeting of) salaam amongst message of Allah and His Prophet
restricted only to one kind of love, yourselves.” (Muslim) (SAW) and create love, in its more
that between a man and a woman. Upon examining the history of the diverse meaning, between people.
There are many more kinds of love. day, we need to ask ourselves, are Surprise parents and children alike
There is the love of Allah, love of we involved in incorporating an Un- with gifts that will please the eye,
His Messenger (SAW) and his Islamic event into our ‘Islamic’ lives? however to attribute a specific act on
companions (RA), love for good and Can we justify featuring a forbidden a specific day for a sole purpose is
righteous people, love and support for (Haram) act in to Islam? wherein the occasion loses its ‘Islamic
the religion, and so on. Consequently How can we justify the blind Backing’. Reports have been done,
it is an extremely dangerous mistake following of the ‘Feast of Love’ and and statistics have been produced,
to restrict this broad meaning to this the pagan myths involving the idol of however the number of failed
one brand of love. love, Cupid? marriages and domestic problems are
There is no religion which How are we going to explain our selves on the rise. It begs the question, how
encourages its followers to love to the Al-Mighty about our purpose of exactly does a single designated day
and care for one another more choosing a ‘Mr and Mrs Valentine’? to express love, which incidentally
than Islam does. This applies at all We are so quick to check if some was setup by Pagans through no
times and in all circumstances, not beverage or food item is within the Islamic understanding or any logical
just on one particular day. Indeed, laws and jurisprudence of Islam, rationale, create a basis of spreading
Islam encourages us to express our however we are reluctant to accept the love around the world?
emotions and love at all times, as the ‘Un-Islamic’ and un-founded practices Imam Zakir
Prophet (SAW) said: “If a man loves that we are integrating within our Yorkshire, UK
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