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Cunard: We will now note special occasions

Last week’s Letter of the Week: Cunard shows a lack of respect Cunard prides itself on ensuring that we deliver an exceptional service and we acknowledge that celebrations on board are important to our guests. We have listened to feedback from agents and guests and will ensure that we now take note of an occasion at the time of booking, and in turn make sure that our team on board is aware.


Why didn’t BA show the tax in the fare I booked?

Using to book a flight from Italy, I was surprised both that the fare was in euros and that €44.65 was added on the final page – apparently for taxes. Is BA unaware that the EU ruled in 2015 that “flight booking systems must show the final price at the first instance”?


MIKE NEWCOMB, manager, Travel 2001, London Travel Weekly welcomes a response from BA

Operators and bed banks face Med crunch

Story: Stop-sale notices herald capacity crunch in Med Alan Bowen’s comments – about bed bank clients ‘needing to call hotels to check their booking’ – are disgraceful. Bed banks give the hotels far more clients at better prices (for the hotel). A BUFFOON

In response: The major operators are out in resorts in Spain trying to get hotels to cancel existing bookings and offering long-term contracts in return. The proof of the pudding will be in the overbookings ahead. I did not say customers should call the hotels; I suggested agents who had bookings should do so. ALAN BOWEN


Liverpool Girl @Liverbird_73 Just seen two couples turned away at Gatwick – one turned up on wrong day, the other didn’t have validity on passport. #ouch #tears

Donna Bidwell @Donnabidwell_TC Had the most amazing work trip to Las Vegas! I now feel I know Vegas so well #lovevegas

Helen Knapman @HelenKnapman If you’re not superstitious, you can save 14% on average by flying on Friday 13th, says @KAYAK



“Agents can be liable [under the proposed Package Travel Directive] if they haplessly allow themselves

to be identified as a travel organiser”

STEPHEN MASON, Travlaw › Abta Travel Law Seminar, back page

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19 May 2016 21

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SHG sale is reversal of Long’s strategy

Story: Tui confirms intention to sell Specialist Group The strategic pendulum swings for Tui. So to the future for this collection – an exciting business opportunity for sure, albeit that focusing on those parts that deliver real value will be key. STEVE ALLEN

This is a complete reversal of the Peter Long strategy. Someone is right and someone is wrong! Best thing now [would be] for Tui to float off the UK [division] and let that grow without the Tui brand. DERMOT BLASTLAND

It was clear as far back as 2001-02 that Tui was not capable of managing effectively so many specialist brands: look how they destroyed the likes of Magic etc. REDBULL

In response to Redbull: In fairness, since Matt Prior came along things have been going much better. MAZ

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