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Congratulations to the Sound Technology team (from left, Nick Boggon, Gert Sanner, Ian Cullen, Dave Marshall, Ben Todd, Sam Brandon) who launched their impressive demo facility in Letchworth last month. However, they really should tell that bloke to get off the sofa and finish painting the skirting board

Yes, we thought, a new magazine about the resurgent electro scene! The sound of the Roland TR-808 from 1982, brought bang up to date! But, oh, how terribly wrong we were

Hither & wicker Something holy, something unholy, something wholly misleading hither&dither

August 2012 l 49

other countries, U

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Barix provided audio over IP streaming technology for an address by Pope Benedict XVI at Bresso airport, Milan, recently. Sound was encoded/decoded wirelessly for 300+ loudspeakers by Barix Extreamer devices. Over at the mixing desk, there was one very important channel strip to keep an eye on. See if you can spot it

Christopher Lee must be very proud: His terrifying role in one of the most shocking films of the 70s, now reduced to a festival poster in a Kirkcudbright pub. Dearie me...

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