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42 l August 2012

installationnews BELGIUM Celebrating Apart, together By James McGrath

APART AUDIO, the main brand of Belgian manufacturer Audioprof nv, celebrated its 20th anniversary in June by unveiling its new logo at a distributor meeting at its headquarters in Schoten near Antwerp. Sales and marketing director

Kris Vermuyten explained that the new logo, while echoing the brand’s previous visual identity,

Tom Gheysens, CEO and founder of Audioprof, poses with the new logo for the manufacturer’s Apart brand

is more flexible (as the blue bands can be used on their own) and also clarifies the pronunciation of the name – previously some people had thought it was ‘A-P-art’ or even Aparté. In addition to unveiling the

new logo, distributors and press were also introduced to the latest Apart products, including the IMPMET impedance meter. The IMPMET uses a 330Hz tone rather than 1kHz tone to test

loudspeaker systems, reportedly making it far more accurate than other impedance meters. Attendees also received an

update from Nuvo Technologies’ George Gavutis and David Rodarte

NORWAY Taming reverb with Renkus By James McGrath

THE SOFIEMYR Church in Oslo, Norway, has overcome reverberation issues using a Renkus-Heinz IC Live loudspeaker array system. Supplied by integrator Benum, it comprises a pair of inverted IC Live arrays, flown from the ceiling alongside the matching subwoofers, above a small stage. The system was designed and configured by Geir Kristoffersen – manager of the acoustics department at engineering consultancy COWI – with two tightly controlled beams to avoid reverberation and to deflect from the bare brick walls. One pair is aimed at the front

of the congregation, while the other addresses the rear. Tuning is performed using both RHAON and an Allen & Heath IDR8 DSP processor with an Allen &


IC Live arrays have been flown above a small stage in the church

Heath T112 control surface. A delay system provides extra

coverage into a small annexe at the rear and in the side halls, using Renkus-Heinz CFX-61R cabinets, matched by six CF- 121M cabinets for monitors. “What I like the most about this system is that because it’s a true line array it creates a cylindrical wave, which means that it doesn’t excite the room as much as a traditional three-box system,” said Kristoffersen. n

about Nuvo’s new streaming audio offering (Audioprof is a Nuvo distributor) and got a chance to see the new dedicated Nuvo demonstration facility at Audioprof HQ. Distributor awards were also presented. A party followed the distributor meeting, which lasted into the small hours of the morning at La Riva in Antwerp. n

BUDDHA-BAR PARIS recently installed new Meyer Sound systems, designed and fitted by John Pouzet of Paris-based Sonosystem, with design assistance from Cyril Ubersfeld of Meyer Sound’s French distributor, Best Audio. In the main restaurant, where tables are spread beneath the gaze of a serene Buddha, music permeates the room via eight UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers, with dual USW-1P subs underneath the Buddha statue. To assure uniform low frequencies at all tables, seven MM-10 miniature subwoofers are concealed in

banquettes. The overall audio response of the space is optimised by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 616 processor.

The Red Room employs eight discreet UP-4XP loudspeakers augmented by two MM-10 subwoofers, again placed under banquettes. For the upper level bar and lounge alcoves, Pouzet specified a dozen UPM-1P loudspeakers, with bass boosted by four M1D-Sub and two UMS-1P subwoofers in the larger spaces and around the bar. n

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