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Hopeful start to season

COOL, cloudy yet dry weather conditions for the traditional two-day opening match of the cricket season against Incogniti were ideal for brushing away any cobwebs that the players may have been hiding away.

The RNCC fi elded a team that had a blend of experience and youth and never looked in danger of losing.

Scoring at steady rates in both their innings, the Navy bowled very well too and although a realistic target of 223 was set for the visitors in their second innings, they showed very little interest in achieving it and the match fi zzled into a draw.


RNCC: 245-7 declared (AET J Hill (Ark Royal) 66, Cpl A Pollard (RM Chivenor) 65) and 218-9 declared (C/Sgt S Needham (3 Cdo) 56, Cpl J Grasham (RM Poole) 48 not out, ET(ME) S Louis (HMS Edinburgh) 38) Incogniti: 231-7 declared and 120-7 (Louis 3-43 (13 overs), Grasham 2-18 (9))

The fi rst game for the representative side saw the RN produce a commanding performance to fi nish victors by seven wickets over the Free Foresters in Portsmouth. The visitors made a solid start to their innings, the openers putting on 74 before Grasham claimed the wicket of top scorer Kane for 42. Grasham and Cpl C Smith (Blanford) (3-36 off his allocated ten overs) contained the remainder of the other early order batsmen, however. Navy Captain Lt T Burt RN, (DLO Bicester) was keen to try out newcomers S/Lt W Legge RN (RAF Shawbury) and ET(ME (SM)) M Thompson (Raleigh). Legge – despite being

warned for bowling two beamers – enjoyed a particularly good spell, narrowly missing a hat trick, and returned fi gures of 4-18 off eight overs, while left arm spinner Thompson using a great variation of fl ight and pace returned with 1-6 from four overs.

A target of 150 to win was comfortably reached by the Senior Service for the loss of three wickets with 13 overs to spare.

Opening the RN innings, skipper Burt led by example with 69, ably supported by Thompson 22, Lt J Batley (PJHQ) 21 and Smith 21 to reach 152-3 comfortably.

20 years of pain end

THE Royal Navy and Marines Basketball Association year’

(RNMBA) teams looked forward to this year’s Inter- deg o


Service Championships with a high degr confi dence that they’d register their first outright 1990

win at any level for the fi rst time since 1990 – and

they didn‘t disappoint, writes Cdr Rob Knill.Knill

Losing to the other Services

at Senior and Ladies level, both sides nevertheless exceeded all expectation, especially given the lack of playing resources at senior level in particular this year. Driven on by the senior squad

captain, AET Kelly Wise (824 NAS), LET(ME)s Blair Charles (HMS Argyll), Justin Campbell (HMS Illustrious), LLogs CS (D) ‘Shines’

Alexander (HMS

Liverpool), AB Rich Cleaver (HMS Drake) and LET(ME) ‘Flash’ Gordon (HMS Sultan) all made key contributions. Gordon suffered – but later fully recovered from – a serious eye injury. The ladies squad has grown in

stature and confi dence throughout the regular season winning several games.

Increased numbers has resulted in strong competition for places; they have come a very long way in just fi ve years of competition and this year came within a whisker of beating the RAF; eventually running out 48-42 losers. Minus the services of last

year’s key points scorer AB CIS Izzy Molyneux-Jacobs (on PT Qualifying course) meant that others had to step up to the plate. Dominating the boards as a team, AB Logs(Pers) Terri Richards (HMS Ocean) and LLogs(CS(D)) Lou Lee (HMS Daring) in particular provided a very solid basis from which to launch attack after attack against both the RAF and Army. AB Logs (SC) Amanda Toby-

Thorpe (RNAS Culdrose), Lauran Williams (HMS Clyde) and AB(CIS) Jess Edwards-Killie (HMS Illustrious) converted many points and Lt Hannah West (Joint CIMIC GP) and NA(SE) Chez Morton (HMS Sultan) added a high degree of coordination. Strong individual performances throughout the season from many junior

squad members hinted

at the Senior Service achieving most success at this level, which certainly proved the case. Urged on by its nominated

team leader, AB CIS ‘Irish’ Ireland (Cdo Logs), the Juniors defeated the RAF 54-44 on a very hot fi rst afternoon before going on to deliver a simply outstanding performance to beat the Army 78- 49 – the fi rst victory at this level

Last-gasp win ends nine-year wait

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The referee was unsighted and called on the television match offi cial to make the fi nal decision; technical problems made the wait even more agonising as both Navy and Army supporters were on the edge of their seats.

decision was announced – a try to the Navy, edging them into a two- point lead.

Finally the

From the re-start the Army made every effort to regain possession in a last ditch attempt to steal the win. A well-drilled Navy team secured the ball and as the crowd counted down the fi nal ten seconds, skipper Dave Pascoe stood strong against the advancing wave of red shirts. The

‘Cowboy’ John (HMS Liverpool), calmly kicked the ball into touch to guarantee a well-deserved Naval victory. And so the Army’s winning streak came to an end: 24-22 to the Royal Navy. Putting all emotion aside,

this was a consummate team performance from the men in dark blue. They played as a cohesive unit throughout, clearly reaping the benefi ts of their intensive training camp at HMS Nelson. This winning squad was brought

RN No.10, Wayne

the line in the fi nal two minutes of the match.

together from across the Naval Service, with a common desire to place the Royal Navy at the top of Services rugby. This desire was enhanced in that

the witnessed the

training camp squad


only grow as players, but also as a team. The trust, determination and camaraderie were evident, not only on Saturday but throughout the season. ■ CPO Paul

Burton (DES

Abbeywood) has joined the country’s top offi cials through promotion to the Elite Assistant Referee Panel. It means that next season Paul

will be running the line at Guinness Premiership matches and possibly European matches in the highly- pressurised environment of top- level rugby.

The senior rating took up refereeing in 1998 and has been a stalwart of Hampshire, RN and Combined Service societies; he offi ciated at the Inter-Services veterans clash this season. In 2003 he decided to specialise as a touch judge and has subsequently regularly offi ciated at Championship level. A member of the Navy Referee

Society, he joins fellow RN offi cial Roger Baileff who has been operating at this level of several years.

They dojo, don’t they?

HMS Excellent was the venue for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Martial Arts Association (RNRMMAA) training week. Participants came from various ships and units stationed around the world to descend upon the Whale Island drill shed turning it into a martial arts dojo (hall) for the week. The aim of the week was to provide individual focus and co-ordinated team training for the RNRM MAA Karate, Taekwondo and Kendo squads to prepare them for the RNRM Martial Arts Championships and annual Inter-Service competitions hosted by the Army later in 2010. Each of the disciplines involved used experienced civilian instructors from various clubs and associations around the South Coast area.

Organiser C/Sgt Al Curtin RM led morning warm-up squad runs around the establishment and the fi g students

ensured the whole of Whale Island knew the honing

hting screams and shouts from their

skills and techniques

martial artists were in town. The intense training programme allowed various levels and styles of martial arts to come together to perfect individual katas (training drills), jiu kumite (free sparring) and personal fi tness levels. “This really shows the RN’s ability to generate

fi ghting spirit – this year we have a number of young, potentially very good, fi ghters ready for competition,” said association chairman Maj Graham Adcock RM.

strength, especially now with the introduction of grass roots training in both Portsmouth and Devonport, and the introduction of karate in Phase Two recreational training at Collingwoood. “Taekwondo again has a very strong squad and the introduction of kendo into the association has added another dynamic.” More details on the various disciplines from Maj Adcock by e-mail, graham.adcock505@mod. uk, or phoning 94371 8105.

Cyclists’ dominance persists

THE Army hosted cycling’s 2010 Inter-Service ten and 25-Mile Time Trial Championship. This year’s event was staged in Hampshire on the A3. Twenty- fi ve riders from the RNRMCA travelled from all over the country to represent the Senior Service. The


event and were determined to wrestle the ten-mile crown from the RNRMCA who had been champions for the past fi ve years. Weather conditions were far from ideal; the frequent heavy rain and long gradual climbs on the course ensured it was a ‘hard day at the offi ce’ for every rider. In an individual time trial,

riders start at one-minute intervals and ride as hard as they can in an


Army and RAF were mood

before the

attempt to cover the ten miles in the quickest time – man and machine against the clock. As the athletes returned from

their rides the excitement in the race HQ built while times were entered on the master scoreboard. It soon became apparent that

the ten-mile Time Trial crown would be in RNRMCA hands for another year – the sixth year in succession. Worthy of a special mention is SA Samantha Kelly; in only her third time trial, she fought off stiff opposition from the Army to win the female competition. After a short overnight break

the riders assembled again at race HQ in Greatham Village Hall, a stone’s throw from the A3. The weather was drier but the

cyclist’s worst enemy – the wind – had picked up overnight, not that it impeded the determination of the Navy riders. Once again,

at one-minute intervals

25-mile ride. With every muscle and sinew stretched to breaking point the sheer effort on every face was plain to see. Only the fastest three riders from each Service would count. The race went down to the wire with just 20 seconds separating first and second places. However,

retained their title over the RAFCC in the closest-run team competition for many years. WO1 Garry Drew won the veterans’ prize for the fastest over-40 competitor.


racers started for


“The association is moving from strength-to-

court control provided by Mne George Morris (UKLFCSG), the speed coming from ET(WE) Neil Beard (HMS Collingwood) and NA(AH) Sharwan Philip (Culdrose), these essential assets were complemented by the intelligent play of ET(ME) Nick Bowman (HMS Ark Royal) and Alex Boden (45 Cdo RM). Little can be achieved in this

sport and at this level without height and an ability to dominate the boards at both ends, however Thankfully the emergence of 6’8”

Porter (RNAS Culdrose) and 6’5”

Logs(Pers) Grant Clisolt (HMS Raleigh),


essential platform. A magnifi cent all-round team effort,

gave that

brought tears to the eyes of all present and certainly justifi ed the investment made, not least by team coaches Sgt Marty Page (RM Poole), WO1 ‘Sid’ Nicholls (NCHQ) and squad manager Cdr (Rtd) Sam Baker, each of whom had given so much throughout a long season. Morris stepped up to accept the

this victory AET Zac With much of the on-

ar’s Inter gree of outright 0 – and


since 1985 (before any of the players were actually born!). This achievement should not be underestimated.

Cramp cramps Charlie’s style

FLYING the fl ag for the Senior Service in California was Maj Charlie Pennington (pictured above), the RN representative in the Ironman 70.3 (so called thanks to the cumulative total of the three legs: 1.2-mile swim, 56- mile bike and 13.1-mile run) in Oceanside, near San Diego. Nearly 2,500 athletes took

part, including some 70 professionals, and 250 in the green beret’s age group. After 27 minutes in the water,

the swim was done with Maj Pennington placed fi rst in his ‘wave’ and fourth in his age group.

After a speedy transition it was on to the bike and that 56-mile ride.

small but priceless winners’ trophy and Porter received the inaugural most valuable junior player award.

● Leap for victory... LET(ME) Blair Charles (Argyll) on the drive in the 78-55 defeat by the Army

Picture: LA(Phot) Chris Mumby, FRPU East

“I cut through the fi eld like a hot knife through butter as there were literally thousands of slower athletes ahead of me – I seemed to spend a lot of my time shouting at people to move out of the way but all-in-all I felt good,” says the commando. The two signifi cant climbs were completed without problem and the fi nal ten miles were fast and fl at permitting a fi nishing time of 2h 28m – just 12 minutes slower than the fastest time of the day but not too shabby. And so to the run. After a good

start, Maj Pennington began to suffer twinges of cramp in his legs.

He was suddenly reduced to a hobble and hopes of a sub-4h 30m total time were shattered. The next 12 miles was

a frustrating run/hobble interspersed with severe cramps in his legs.

“Clearly I had got something wrong in either my preparation or my nutrition but more frustrating was the number of athletes who were passing me and I was unable to respond,” the major says. Despite initial thoughts of packing it in at about mile three, he managed to struggle round in 1h 33m – about ten minutes slower than hoped. His overall fi nishing time was 4h 33m 49s (the winning time was 3h 59m) placing him 82nd overall and 15th in his age group. More details on the endurance sport at

Navy enjoys court ruling

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something out of their match against the RAF’s No.2 doubles. At 6-3 up everything looked

rosy but a glance across the courts saw the RAF fi nally beat the Army taking the overall tally to 6-5.

In a pulsating match, the RAF came back and won the match 3-6, 6-1, 7-6 meaning Navy and RAF had each won six matches overall. However, in this event the rules call for a count of sets won; this is the same ruling that saw the Navy team lose to the Army in the Women’s Inter-Services at Wimbledon last year. The tally of sets was 13 to the RN and 12 to the RAF. So, in winning the fi rst set 6-3, Duncan Thomas and Martin Shortt had in effect secured the trophy for the RN. See for more details of the 2010 season.. Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5  |  Page 6  |  Page 7  |  Page 8  |  Page 9  |  Page 10  |  Page 11  |  Page 12  |  Page 13  |  Page 14  |  Page 15  |  Page 16  |  Page 17  |  Page 18  |  Page 19  |  Page 20  |  Page 21  |  Page 22  |  Page 23  |  Page 24  |  Page 25  |  Page 26  |  Page 27  |  Page 28  |  Page 29  |  Page 30  |  Page 31  |  Page 32  |  Page 33  |  Page 34  |  Page 35  |  Page 36  |  Page 37  |  Page 38  |  Page 39  |  Page 40  |  Page 41  |  Page 42  |  Page 43  |  Page 44  |  Page 45  |  Page 46  |  Page 47  |  Page 48  |  Page 49  |  Page 50  |  Page 51  |  Page 52  |  Page 53  |  Page 54  |  Page 55  |  Page 56
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