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Highlands, islands

HMS Example

HMS Example (Northumbria) left the Tyne and hugged the east coast as far as the resort/fi shing town of Scarborough. “It’s a small world, you never know when old friends can meet up

again,” says Example’s CO Lt Nelson McMillan (pictured above

after loaning his cap to a visitor).

The ‘old friend’ was a former Dartmouth classmate, Nick Ingham.

He’s now left the Service and runs a gym... although he also serves as chairman of the local Sea Cadet unit. Those youngsters climbed aboard Example for a tour, while Mr Ingham thanked the ship’s company for their hospitality by showing them around his fi tness centre. Given her relative proximity to the North Yorkshire town, Example

HMS Archer


At the top of fi ve locks which are the gateway to – or exit from – Scotland’s most famous lake, the ship’s company of HMS Archer (Aberdeen) prepare for the next leg of their spring deployment. Archer’s tour took her to Inverness then into Loch Ness for Exercise Hunt Ness (no monster found, sadly), before heading down the Caledonian Canal and, ultimately, to Oban and the Western Isles.stern Isles Aside from the students from Aberdeen who make up Archer’s

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ship’s company with fi ve full-time sailors, led by CO Lt Michael Hutchinson, the boat was joined by some VIPs. Cdre Rupert Wallace, Commander Portsmouth Flotilla, spent two

days north of the border visiting two of his ‘fl ock’. Despite being located north of the border (and rather closer to

Faslane than Pompey) Archer and her sister Smiter (which serves Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities) both fall within the domain of Cdre Wallace and the 1st Patrol Boat Squadron. Also aboard Archer was a fi lm crew from BBC magazine show

Countryfi le who wanted to learn the diff erence between navigating on land and on the water. TV presenter Jules Hudson was permit ed to drive the ‘frigate’

(!) through the narrows between Lochs Ness and Dochfour and witnessed Archer exercising with the RNLI (such are weather conditions on Loch Ness at times that there’s a lifeboat to help out stricken sailors).


will be back during her summer deployment, hopefully taking a few of Scarborough’s civic leaders to sea.

and Tracker

Tracker (Oxford) and Trumpeter (Bristol) crossed the Channel in tandem to take part in the Jersey Boat Show. Between them the two vessels welcomed in excess of


1,000 visitors during the three-day event. The pair were not merely static participants in the show,

however. They cast off their lines and headed into the islands with a mixture of VIPs and Sea Cadets from TS Jersey aboard. And, when it was all over, they provided an impressive

backdrop to fireworks lighting up the harbour in St Helier. “The students on both Tracker and Trumpeter had a great time showing off their ships to visitors and enjoying the at ractions of the show,” said Lt Richie Gray, Trumpeter’s CO.

● Tracker, Trumpeter and the Sail Training Ship Lord Nelson provide a stunning backdrop for a fi rework display over St Helier harbour

HMS Puncher

Picture: Matthew Hotton

Puncher (London) negotiates the Thames Barrier during her four-day visit to the capital


HMS Trumpeter


HMS Biter

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