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● LC Sam Shaw was one of two members of Beccles unit to receive awards from the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, Lord Tollmarche. S/Lt (SCC) Sharon Matthews RNR was presented with a Certificate of Meritorious Service to the Sea Cadets, while LC Sam Shaw (above) became one of the Lord Lieutenant’s cadets for 2010

Corps is seventh at regatta

FIVE new boats entered this year’s Royalist Regatta in the Solent, bringing the total entry to 16. The new entrants – NYK

Line, Foreland Shipping, Shiver Me Stopgap, the Peter Cruddas Foundation and Mistral – joined the battle for the Shipwright’s Trophy.

Light winds resulted in

intermittent sailing, but when the breeze began to pick up the yachts all seemed to want to move into the same patch of water at the same time, causing congestion and the ‘bumper car’ effect. The races were competitive, but

all very dependent on the wind in the different parts of the Solent. The Regatta supports the Sea Cadets and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and the trophy was presented by the Earl of Wessex. Last year’s overall winners, the

Royal Navy, managed two wins but were left in third place, four points behind PMI Health Group and just half a point behind Fortvale. The Sea Cadet yacht, skippered by Colin Watkins and sponsored by Lord Iliffe, came in seventh. Prizes were awarded as follows:


Telescope, (for

the boat that demonstrates the most need thereof): Shiver Me

Stopgap (allegedly for seeking the best vantage point to see more of the men on the Bonsun boat);


performing team with

in the City of London): Heath


Best Dressed whilst sailing:

Peter Cruddas Foundation (for generally looking extremely smart); Dishiest Crew: NYK (“ for their extremely charming team...”) Outside the top three, the positions were: 4, Mistral; 5, Peter Cruddas; 6, Heath Lambert; 7, Sea Cadets; 8, Bonsun; 9, NYK; 10, Haberdashers; 11, Actuaries; 12, Foreland Shipping; 13, Shiver Me Stopgap; 14, Pitney Bowes; 15, Wilson James; 16, Management Consultants.

  

Cup (for the

Rebel to the rescue for the second time

A TRAINING ship from TS Rebel sailed to the rescue of a stricken yacht at sea – the second such mercy dash in

two years.

Training vessel Thames Fueller,

operated by the TS Rebel Cadet Sea School based at Walton on the Naze in Essex, went into action when the 40ft yacht Pirouette requested

assistance from the

Coastguard, having broken down on passage to Walton Backwaters. The cadets picked up the resultant broadcast by the Coastguard and responded immediately. Having closed on the yacht,

they were able to secure a tow less than 30 minutes after the first distress call. They then towed the yacht in to the nearest marina. PO Dean Woodberry,

in charge of the cadet training weekend, said: “It was a good opportunity for the cadets to learn first hand about always helping

others at sea.”

Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre said: the Sea Cadets

A Coastguard officer at Thames “Once again

in this district

have demonstrated seamanlike competence and provided valuable assistance to other seafarers.” Thames Fueller is one of eight

vessels operated by TS Rebel, and provides training for cadets and adult volunteers seeking power and Royal Yachting Association motor cruising qualifications. The vessel is supported by the

Marine Society & Sea Cadets, the Worshipful Company of Fuellers and the Rebel Trust. In late 2008 cadets and


instructors training on board racing yacht Smokey Too went to the aid of two men off Felixstowe whose sailing vessel capsized in gusting winds.

Thames Fueller was also

involved in that rescue, relaying communications between the crew of Smokey Too and emergency services.

● TS Rebel’s Thames Fueller

Wittering leads the way

MEMBERS of Combined

Cadet Force (CCF) Royal Navy

contingents had to show a bit of initiative if they wanted to join the CCF RN’s week-long leadership course. As

reported in last month’s

edition, the CCF RN week-long leadership course at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall

is widely valued

within and outside the youth organisation.

But before cadets can turn up

at Torpoint they need to have attended a weekend preparatory course, which meant travelling to Portsmouth for one of the five courses based on board former destroyer HMS Bristol at Whale Island, also using the facilities of the Navy’s Leadership Academy (East) site at HMS Collingwood across the harbour in Fareham. But this year, for the first time,

best- roots

cadets have been able to attend weekend courses on their own patches around the country. The first of these was run at

RAF Wittering using the Air Cadet facility on the air base. Organised by Area Instructor

CPO Jed Stone, 24 cadets from local schools were able to gain an insight into challenging themselves, working as part of a team and the responsibilities and skills required of a leader. Their weekend included completing teamwork challenges on the PLT site as well as one devised by the duty RAF Fire and Rescue watch team.

After a lunch in the junior ranks mess the cadets enjoyed the freedom of an afternoon’s orienteering in

● CCF cadets get to grips with leadership training at RAF Wittering

“Learning to trust people you

the nearby Wakerly Woods. In keeping with the Portsmouth

courses, dinner was followed by more personal development work designed to expose cadets to self- confidence boosting challenges while also leaving enough time to prepare kit and uniform for the next morning. “Awesome” and “really

frightening” were among the comments that greeted Sunday morning’s high point. Each area’s leadership weekends will contain something special to that area’s leadership facilities, and at Wittering it was the low and high ropes course which kept the cadets amused.

have only just met isn’t easy, but doing things together as a team was a good way of learning who we all were,” said one candidate, while another observed that “standing back and resisting the urge to do things yourself was difficult, but I now know why it is so important.”

A third cadet said: “I used to feel

embarrassed about being heard, but having done the drill and snap talks I really enjoy it now.” Even having to make moonlit

trips through the freezing night failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the cadets who attended this course.

Help is at hand during nostalgia event

CADETS from Stoke-on-Trent unit TS Talent attended a ‘40s Weekend’ at the Churnet Valley Railway in North Staffordshire – and one of their number was called on to use her specialist skills.

The cadets and staff met up

with the Lancashire Area Naval Re-enactment group (LANRA) to add to the air of authenticity. Two cadets, AC Spiers and OC Thomas, dressed in 1940s uniform – no zips and black caps – formed part of the Naval patrol boarding trains, checking ID cards along with a ‘living history’ Master-At- Arms.

This resulted in a number of

enemy agents and soldiers being ‘detained’. During the first day of the

weekend AC Terri Lawton was called on to use her Second Class first aid qualification when a woman was taken ill (pictured left

by Tom Eivers).


aged 14, immediately

took control of the situation, taking the woman to a seat in the shade and lending her support and reassurance until paramedics arrived to take over. Terri’s ‘patient’ later recovered sufficiently to continue taking part in the event. Unit First Lieutenant PO

David Eivers and Admin Officer Alan Murray, who witnessed the incident, said that Terri’s actions just reinforces their confidence in the fact that when called on in an emergency, “cadets can act in a very professional manner.”

Jamie hailed a lifesaver

A CROYDON cadet has been praised for saving

the life of

a woman knocked down by a speeding car. Jamie Hemingway, part of the RN section of the CCF contingent at Trinity School in Croydon, had been trained in first aid so stepped up to the mark when he saw Sarah Hilcott knocked over by the car – which had clipped the sports bag Jamie was carrying – in Bromley. He started giving the 28-year- old CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation – but admitted to the Evening Standard that he was scared she was going to die. After around five minutes she

started breathing again, and Jamie told the paper that paramedics had said Sarah would have died without his intervention. The sixth-former had also taken care of Sarah’s broken collarbone and leg by the time the paramedics took over, prompting her to describe him as “a remarkable young man”. Once she was well enough Sarah

travelled to her parents’ home in the North-East to continue her recovery, but phoned Jamie to thank him – and told the Standard that she planned to take him for a meal at the Ritz to show her appreciation.

Loughborough on ceremonial duties

LOUGHBOROUGH cadets had a busy schedule of ceremonial duties over one weekend in early spring. On the Saturday they, along with Loughborough Air Cadets, formed the guard of honour when the local Territorial Army unit – 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron, 158 (Royal Anglian) Transport

(Volunteers) – were granted Entry to the Borough of Charnwood. Initially the cadets were attending just to support the regiment, but a swift change of plan saw them lining the entrance to Queen’s Park as first the Mayoral party and then the regiment marched in. The following day was an interesting, if somewhat poignant, event when TS Venomous hosted the launch of a book about HMS Venomous.

The book, A Hard Fought

Ship, was originally written by former Commanding Officer

Regiment RLC

Lt Cdr (SCC) R ‘Bob’ Moore, who crossed the bar before he could complete a new edition. On his death his good friend Capt J Rodgaard USN took up the project and the completed revised edition is full of previously unseen photographs.

The people of Loughborough adopted HMS Venomous during Warship Week in World War 2 and raised more than £2,000 in two weeks – a small fortune in the 1940s. During the launch, which was

attended by Pat Moore (Bob’s widow), Bill Forster (the publisher) and Cllr Roy Brown (the Mayor of Charnwood), Capt Rodgaard gave an illustrated presentation to cadets, parents and members of the public detailing some of the heroic events surrounding the ship, after which he signed copies of the book and specially printed posters of the cover.

Rye on target again

RYE and District unit

celebrating again after winning the national Sea Cadet shooting trophy.

The top two Sea Cadet units in the country were invited to compete at the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley, and this year the teams were both from the South – Rye and Sheppey.

Dave Spicer RNR said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing

TEN cadets and three staff from Richmond unit were on duty in the City of London when they provided a carpet guard at the Mansion House for the annual banquet

Company of Plumbers. The cadets were given a tour of the Mansion House before the

of the Worshipful Commanding Officer Lt (SCC) are

home the national shooting trophy – this year makes it seven years in a row.

to Paul Whiteman, the team manager, and the team for all their hard work.”

After a closely-fought competition, Rye took the honours with 739 points and Sheppey amassed 680 points.

many activities on offer at Rye unit – cadets are able to participate in both air rifle and .22 rifle shooting once they have undertaken strict safety training.

Marksmanship is one of the “I must say a big thank you

The unit is currently raising money to build their own small range at their Rock Channel headquarters.

Mansion House date

banquet, and their politeness and bearing won them praise during the after-dinner speeches. Swapping No 1 uniform for

wetsuits, Cdts Oliver Lythgoe and Jacob Bell made a flying start to the London Area regatta season by taking the Jutland Trophy at the Welsh Harp boat station.

Six of the best for Sheppey

NOTWITHSTANDING excellent results as part of the West Kent team at the recent Area Drill and Piping competition held at Portsmouth, Sheppey unit were represented by six of their most senior cadets. They were POCs Daniel Bower, Keiron Hughes, Kerr Jeferies,

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