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32/10: Message from Dr Liam Fox,

Secretary of State for Defence. The new Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, has sent a message to all members of the Department. 31/10: Op HERRICK update – April 30 2010. Provincial Governor Mangal, maintaining Op Moshtarak momentum, has appointed a signifi cant number of new senior governance and security chiefs in the province. 30/10: Afghanistan: Task Force Helmand (TFH) Operations update as at April 16 2010: 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (Fwd) and 4 Mechanised Brigade arrive in Helmand. Afghan National Security Forces numbers increase in Helmand, and Combined Force capabilities increase in Sangin. 29/10: Restrictions on UK airspace and operations in Afghanistan. The Government today, April 19 2010, announced plans to help repatriate British travellers stranded by the volcanic ash cloud in the atmosphere.


DIN 2010 DIN01-100: Tri-Service

manning and training margins

DIN 2010 DIN01-097: Naval Service

recovery pathway policy

DIN 2010 DIN01-096: Tri-Service

policy for Training Return of Service

DIN 2010 DIN01-090: Quad Service

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) conference July 2 2010

DIN 2010 DIN01-086: New average

property price list – January 1 2010

DIN 2010 DIN01-085: Establishment

of the Naval Senior Offi cer Network (NSON)

DIN 2010 DIN01-083: Pensions

guidance for members of the Reserve Forces

DIN 2010 DIN01-082: JSP 764 The

Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005 (AFPS 05) – amendment no.3

DIN 2010 DIN01-081: Continuity of

Education Allowance (CEA) – changes to the CEA eligibility certifi cate and application process

DIN 2010 DIN02-006: Defence

Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) operational security (OPSEC) directive

DIN 2010 DIN02-005: Procedures for

Defence visitors to Canada

DIN 2010 DIN03-009: The handling of

fl ying complaints from members of the public in the UK

DIN 2010 DIN03-008: MOD strategic

detention policy

DIN 2010 DIN03-007: Staffi ng of

navigation and seamanship incidents

DIN 2010 DIN03-005: Pan theatre

mobile phone policy

DIN 2010 DIN03-004: The Maritime

Aviation Support Force (MASF) – mission and capability statements and revised tasking process

DIN 2010 DIN05-034: Relocation of

the DE&S Defence Travel Management Organisation (DTMO) visa team

DIN 2010 DIN05-033: The Maritime

Warfare Centre (MWC) – Tasking process

DIN 2010 DIN05-032: The move of

Headquarters Land Forces

DIN 2010 DIN05-030: Formation of

the Maritime Combat Systems team

DIN 2010 DIN05-029: Defence

performance framework operating instruction

DIN 2010 DIN05-028: Renaming

of United Kingdom Landing Force Command Support Group (UKLF CSG) to 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group RM

DIN 2010 DIN06-014: Joint Service

Publication (JSP 375) MOD Health and Safety Handbook – updates

DIN 2010 DIN09-003: Armed Forces

Day June 26 2010

DIN 2010 DIN04-091: Amendment to

the Fleet Time Support Period (FTSP) process

DIN 2010 DIN10-028: Royal Navy

theatre festival 2010

DIN 2010 DIN10-027: 17th Royal Navy

Engineers Open Golf Championship 2010

DIN 2010 DIN10-024: Service Offshore

Regatta 2010 – notice of race

DIN 2010 DIN10-023: Royal Navy

& Royal Marines Equitation (RNRMEA) Championships

DIN 2010 DIN10-022: Exercise Tall

Ships 2010


GALAXY 2010-07: Investors in People

GALAXY 2010-08: Naval Intelligence

sub specialisation


Issue 05/10 – Nos 099/10: The Sports

Amenities and Benevolence Scheme (SABS)


05/10 – Nos 090/10:

Management of alcohol problems in the workplace – Divisional staff training, June 2 & 3 2010

Issue 05/10 – Nos 091/10: Nationality

– notifi cation of changes in UK marriage visa regulations

Issue 05/10 – Nos 088/10: The Nuffi eld

Trust for the Forces of the Crown and Services Sound and Vision Corporation

Issue 05/10 – Nos 084/10: RN

Submarine Command Open Golf Championship 2010

Issue 06/10 – Nos 114/10: Desmond

Wettern Fleet Award 2010

Issue 06/10 – Nos 110/10: SJARs –

Recommendations for Promotion 1 Rank Up

Issue 06/10 – Nos 108/10: Deployment

to UKMCC HQ, Bahrain – staff brief

Issue 06/10 – Nos 109/10: Aircrew

offi cer fi nancial retention incentive – FAA FRI 3

Issue 05/10 – Nos 095/10: Learn to fl y

at the RNGSA training week September 3-17 2010

Issue 06/10 – Nos 106/10: Revised

RNFT personal reminder cards

Reserves don’t hold back

THIS month’s Drafty is a Reserve force update from NPT (Res). The UK Reserve Force

is configured to

support the Regular Service when they are operating at or beyond maximum scales of effort.

They can also be augmented to support the Regular Service in niche specialisations and by reason of their footprint, connect with the nation and have influence within the civilian community. It consists of a Volunteer

Reserve Force, the Royal Naval Reserve and the Regular Reserve Forces, ex-regular personnel who on leaving the Regular Service retain a liability to call-out. Both

the Volunteer Force and Regular

● Flying the fl ag for people – Navy Command HQ will be looking across the Fleet and units to achieve Investors in People status once again

Picture: LA(Phot) Chris Winter

Reserve Reserve

Force are administrated by Naval Personnel Team (Reserves) who are located alongside the regular Service Naval Personnel Teams (NPTs) in West Battery. The team facilitate the various mechanisms of employment of the Reserve Forces that include Full Time Reserve Service, Part Time Reserve Service (ADC) and Mobilised Service. In addition they are Subject

Matter Experts on the Reserve Forces Act and are a useful point of contact for all personnel leaving the regular Service should they have any queries on their Reserve Liability.

■ Reserve Liability

At the end of your service in the Regular Forces you will normally have a compulsory reserve liability.


The length of your liability the

circumstances when

you may be brought back into service depend upon your Service, rank, the type of commission or engagement which you entered and whether you are subject to the Reserve Forces Act (RFA) 1980 or the 1996 Act.

■ Rating/Marines Other Ranks who enlisted before 1997

If you were a member of the

Regular Forces before April 1 1997 and did not re-enlist or extend your service on or after April 1 1997, you will be subject to legislation contained in the RFA 80.

Essentially, ratings and marines with less than 22 years’ service have a three-year liability in the Royal Fleet Reserve. Personnel who complete 22

years’ service in the RN or RM have a liability to recall until age 55.

■ Ratings/Marines Other Ranks who enlisted from April 1 1997


you enlisted,

People power

THE Ministry of Defence is looking to retain its coveted Investors in People when it comes up for its three-year accreditation review in January 2011. In 2008, the MOD became the largest organisation in the world to gain corporate accreditation as an Investors in People employer, and efforts are under way to make sure that the IiP title remains in place for good management practice. Each TLB is undertaking an

● Honorary Rear Admiral of the Royal Naval Reserve Prince Michael

of Kent meets men from 91 Troop RMR Scotland

Picture: PO(Phot) Donny Osmond

If you are a Rating/Marine Other Rank the sole method of applying for FTRS is by completing and submitting an FTRS application form. You must have a reserve liability to serve on the scheme. Officers must send a CV to the

Team Leader, Capt Simon Haill. If successful, applicants will be

Drafty’s corner


or extended your service in the Regular Forces on or after April 1 1997, you will be subject to the legislation contained in the RFA 96.

Generally, ratings and marines who do not complete 22 years’ service

enter the Royal Fleet

Reserve for a three-year period followed by a three-year recall liability or until age 55 years, whichever is the sooner. Officers holding permanent commissions in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines are transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve on leaving the Royal Navy or Royal Marines and will have a call-out liability until age 60 years.

■ Duty to inform your Service Personnel Centre

You have a legal duty to inform

your Service Personnel Centre (SPC) of any circumstances which may affect your call-out or recall.

These would include any change of name or address, if you believe you have become medically unfit for service in the Armed Forces, or you plan to be abroad for a period of over three months. Failure to respond to a call- out or recall notice without leave lawfully granted or reasonable excuse is an offence under the Reserve Forces Act 1996 which may be dealt with by the civil courts or by court-martial. So it is important that you keep

NPT (Reserves) informed of any changes in your life that could impact on ability to respond if you were ever notified.

■ Mechanisms of employment

As a Regular Reservist there

are many and varied opportunities to serve full-time, such as on mobilised Service or Full-time Reserve Service, or part time on Additional Duties Commitments. An ex-regular that wishes to make an application for FTRS may do so by contacting NPT (Reserves).

invited to complete a Security Form. On completion of this they will be placed into the FTRS Database and will then be considered for FTRS posts as and when they become available. The team work closely with other Naval Personnel Teams to address a manning deficit. As the Naval Service approaches Manning Balance, it is anticipated that that there will be fewer opportunities for FTRS in the years ahead. That

said, there remains a

demand for getting more people in the right places and the team are committed to preserving the contribution that the scheme and the members of the Reserve Force can make to achieving this. This is especially so in the

Operational Pinch Point areas and positions where niche reservist skills sets are required.

■ Contact Details


interested contact NPT (Reserves) in

the FTRS scheme, mobilised Service, and all matters relating to Reserve Liability are advised to


advice directing their queries to the respective desk at: NPT (Reserves), Navy Command, Room 108, West Battery, Whale Island, Portsmouth, PO2 8DX.

Specific questions on FTRS

(Rating/RM Other Ranks) can be directed to 0239262 Ext 8744/8747, Officers 0239262 Ext 8746, Reserve Liability 0239262 Ext 8770 and mobilised Service 0239262 Ext 5688.

internal IiP review, run by trained Internal Reviewers (IR), to build up supporting evidence; and these reviews are due to be completed by October this year. The Navy Command TLB

review will take place over the summer months,

three per cent of the workforce interviewed to gather

on the TLB’s commitment to its people.

with some evidence

The reviewers will visit a variety of units in Navy Command, covering all aspects of the TLB from frontline to HQ staff, and interview a representative sample of people; their work will be collated into a report, which will be used to judge if the MOD still meets the IiP standard.

Among the goals of the process will be to highlight trends in areas of improvement and sharing best practice across the TLB.

Beat us at our own game

THE Desmond Wettern Fleet Award recognises the ship, submarine,

which has done the most to project a positive image of the Royal Navy over the previous year. The awards began in 1993 in

squadron or unit

memory of the Daily Telegraph correspondent and distinguished Naval writer Desmond Wettern. Fleet Media are seeking

nominations from ships and submarines of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Naval Air Squadrons and units of the Royal Marines.

the year ending June 30 2010, and the cut-off date for entries is September 24 2010. If you want to put your ship or unit up for contention, nominations should be in hard-copy format, supported by a citation of no more than 500 words. Supporting evidence can be in the form of: media strategy; media lines taken; press releases;

The submission should cover

newspaper cuttings; articles;


content. Entries should include all

TV/video clips; radio; and web

international and national positive media coverage; and credit will be given for making the most of limited resources. It is stressed that no unit should consider themselves too small or lightly resourced to compete as the aim is to encourage participation across the Fleet.

Fuller details can be found in RNTM Desmond Wettern Fleet Awards 2010. Nominations should be sent to: News Desk

Fleet Media and Communications Fleet HQ MP 1-4

Leach Building Hampshire PO2 8BY Tel: 023 9262 8825 email:



It’s your 2-6, on page and TV

NEED to get your message across to the rest of the RN? The 2-6 TV DVD has been aligned with the Personnel Support

enhanced package for use in sharing information. Feedback received regarding the new-look 2-6 TV DVD is encouraging. Your thoughts and opinions are invaluable. Please forward any

Brief providing an

constructive ideas about what should be covered to WO1 Baz Cooke or Pauline Aquilina. To feature in the Navy News 2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr Heather Lane or WO1 Cooke. ■ Lt Cdr Heather Lane, 93832



■ WO1 Baz Cooke, 93832


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