Finding Their Way Navigation was another challenge. Eric taught Jade how to fi nd her way by noting the position of the sun. She looked at the way her shadow fell on the ice. When the sky was overcast, she learned how to use a GPS for directions. During the journey, the team oſt en

battled something called negative driſt . T ey were on fl oating ice. So the ocean current and the wind made them driſt toward the east. On some days, it seemed like they were taking steps backward. T is made navigating even harder. T e biggest challenge was the cold. Jade’s

braided hair froze. So did her eyelashes. Jade wore a parka, thermal underwear, and windproof pants. She wore two pairs of socks. She wore special boots. Even with gloves and mittens, her hands always ached. It was hard to avoid frostbite. T is is an injury caused when your skin freezes.

Success! Aſt er 11 days of tough conditions, Jade and her team reached their goal—the North Pole! T ere was nothing there to mark the place. T at’s because the polar ice is always fl oating and driſt ing. But with the help of GPS, Jade found a latitude of exactly 90 degrees north. And that’s the geographic North Pole. Jade’s dream had become a reality.

She was standing at the top of the world. T ey didn’t stay for long, though. A helicopter soon picked them up. T ey fl ew back to Barneo just as the ice was beginning to melt. Mission accomplished! T e North Pole expedition was only

Jade’s fi rst step. T ere are two other journeys she must make to complete the Polar Hat Trick. Jade is currently training. Stay tuned!

A Little Perspective

As of mid-2016, a little more than 4,000 people have reached the summit of Mount Everest.

About 550 people have been to outer space.

Only about 230 people have gone on foot from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

Just a few people have completed the Polar Hat Trick.


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