Underway It didn’t take long for the team to fall into a daily routine. T e polar climate is dry. So, water is key to survival. T e team had to “make” water by melting snow over the camp stove. Every morning, Jade melted ice for

drinking water. She fi lled thermoses. T e rest of the hot water was used to make hot chocolate and high-protein oatmeal. Jade’s “day pack” of food included high-

energy nuts and dried fruit. T ere was also salami, cheese, energy bars, and a big block of chocolate. When everything was ready, the team

broke down their camp. T ey were on the move by 8:45 a.m. T e goal was to ski for eight, 45-minute sessions with breaks for eating and drinking in between.

At the end of each day, the team put up

their tents. T ey shoveled ice onto the tent fl aps. T is kept snow from blowing in. T ey lit the stoves to stay warm and make water for dinner. T ey ate food that could be heated in

water, like soup, pasta, and chicken. Wet gear was hung on a clothesline inside the tents. Jade had to wear an eye mask at night to block out the sun. T at’s because it’s always daylight in the Arctic spring and summer. Still, Jade was exhausted. On most nights, she fell asleep immediately!

Racing Against Time T e team’s progress wasn’t steady. T e weather and the land were full of challenges. One time, Jade was caught off guard by

a 5-meter-tall pile of ice. T is can happen when a piece of fl oating ice driſt s up against another. T e crash causes the ice to splinter. T is creates piles of jagged ice slabs. Finding a route around this mess would

have taken too much time. So the team had to look for the best place to climb over it. Jade had to take off her skis. T en she had to haul her heavy sled up and over the ice. On another day, Jade came across a wide

gap in the ice. T ere, the deep, dark, ocean water was exposed. To cross the gap, the team had to tie their sleds together and make a raſt . Guide Eric put on a special suit and swam through the water. He pulled one end of the raſt across the gap. Jade’s father held the line on the other side. T en the team crawled on the raſt and pulled its way across the gap.


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