Members of Team North America, including USA’s Tom Howell (above, leſt) and Korey Dropkin react to winning the 2017 Continental Cup title in Las Vegas where 52,753 fans took in the four-day competition at Orleans Arena. Team Sinclair (below, right) strategizes during women’s team competition. Team Mc- Cormick Vice Skip Chris Plys (bottom) delivers a stone during mixed doubles play.

Photo by Steve Seixeiro for USA Curling

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 33: CUP USA’s Carlson (St. Paul, Minn.) and Pers-

inger (Fairbanks, Alaska) teamed up with

Canada’s Kevin Koe and Brent Laing to take on Team World’s Tomas Ulsrud (Norway), Binia Feltscher (Switzerland), Christoffer Svae (Nor- way), and Franziska Kaufmann (Switzerland) and made quick work in earning 4.5 of the avail- able five points. “It was crazy. We had a moment’s break be-

cause we had just finished throwing so I looked over at Reid’s sheet and knowing that they had a lot of skins on the line and everyone was yelling – it was so great,” Carlson said. Total attendance for the four-day event was

52,753, which was the second highest attendance curling event in U.S. history aſter last year’s re- cord-smashing year when 62,498 came to Vegas. “I am so proud of Team North America. Tey

played hard from start to finish and were re- warded not just with the Continental Cup title but with the bonus money as well. Hats off to Team World for putting on an exceptional show as well,” said U.S. Olympian Debbie McCormick,

34 ))

North America’s team captain. Canada’s Jennifer Jones and Carruthers led

North America in the other women’s and men’s skins matchups. Te Carruthers rink contrib- uted 3.5 skins in defeating Edin’s team while Jones added two skins to the tally against Team World’s Anna Hasselborg rink. “Te Americans didn’t get off to the start they

wanted, but then they finished playing really well and adding some key points in the end that sealed the deal for us,” Carruthers said. Las Vegas will host the 2018 World Men’s Curl- ing Championship March 31-April 8, 2018. n

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