Lank, Farbelow rinks earn 2017 Senior National titles

By Terry L. Davis, Editor

this year’s USA Curling Senior Women’s Nation- al Championship as the 52-year-old led her team to a perfect 6-0 weekend at the Evergreen Curling Club and will now represent the U.S. at the 2017 World Senior Championships. Joining Lank’s team will be Mike Farbelow’s


rink, which defeated Minnesota’s Jeff Erickson Jan. 29 to win the 2017 Senior Men’s National Championship title in Centerville, Wis. Lank and her team of Tracy Lawless (Haw-

thorn Hills, Ill.), Kathy Pielage (Verona, Wis.), and Sandra Brown (Lewiston, N.Y.) scored two points in the final end to defeat three-time se- nior champ Margie Smith’s team, 7-5, in Beaver- ton, Ore. Smith and teammates Debbie Dexter (St. Paul, Minn.), Peggy Gazzola (Apple Valley, Minn.), and Shelly Kosal (Edgerton, Wis.) quick- ly fell behind Lank’s team and could never gain a lead in the two-point loss. It will be the first world senior championship

appearance for Lank’s team. It will also mark the first for Farbelow (Minneapolis, Minn.), 53, but back-to-back for his teammates Geoff Good- land (Eau Claire, Wis.), Tim Solin (Mahtomedi, Minn.), Pete Westberg (Woodbury, Minn.), and Jeff Annis (Mapleton, Minn.). Te Lank and Far- below teams will now become Team USA for the 2017 World Senior Championships April 22-29

n her first senior event, five-time wom- en’s national champion Patti Lank leſt no doubt that her team was the one to beat at

in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Lank, a native of Saskatchewan, won a silver medal for the U.S. at the 1999 World Women’s Championship and competed at multiple women’s national champi- onships, winning five times. She also competed in four Olympic Team Trials. Tis will be the fourth world senior championship appearance for Goodland, 61. He won silver at the 2011 World Seniors along with Solin and Westberg, who will make their third appearances at the event. Te Farbelow team used steals to their ad-

vantage in a decisive 7-2 win over Jeff Erickson’s team. Both men’s teams came into the final with undefeated records and first-round playoff byes. Erickson (Proctor, Minn.) and his team of Da- rin Holt (Farmington, Minn.), Tom Holt (Graf- ton, N.D.), Darren Kress (Shakopee, Minn.), and Tomas Pecchia (White Bear Lake, Minn.) stole the opening end but then didn’t get back on the scoreboard until the fiſth and found themselves in a 5-2 deficit. Aſter holding Farbelow’s team to a single in the sixth, Erickson’s squad gave up a single steal in the seventh end and offered the handshake to conclude the match. Te Senior National Championships have been

contested since 2002. Te U.S. men have gone on to win the world title three times (2002, 2010, 2015) while the highest finish for the American ladies at the world senior women’s championship has been bronze (2015, 2014, 2007, 2004, 2002). Te 2017 World Senior Championships are April 22-29 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Q

2017 Senior Women’s National Championship Jan. 25-29, Evergreen CC, Beaverton, Ore. Round robin standings, Pool A:

Susan Carothers (Fairbanks, Alaska) 3-1Q Debra Horn (Shaker Heights, Ohio) 3-1Q Beth Bohlman (Grand Forks, N.D.) Norma O’Leary (Silver Bay, Minn.) Karen Fairley (Tigard, Ore.) Pool B:

2-2 2-2 0-4

Patti Lank (Lewiston, N.Y.)

Margie Smith (Shoreview, Minn.) Nadyne Krieke (Mill Creek, Wash.) Kathryn Watson (Newberg, Ore.)

*Carothers Smith

*Lank Horn

Smith *Lank

000 00x xx – 0 112 42x xx – 10

300 201 01 – 7

012 010 20 – 6 Final:

000 202 10 – 5 202 010 20 – 7

*last rock in first end 2017 Senior Men’s National Championship

Jan. 25-29, Centerville CC, Centerville, Wis. Round robin standings, Pool A:

Mike Farbelow (Minneapolis, Minn.) 5-0Q Dennis Mellerup (Hoboken, N.J.) Seppo Sormunen (Duluth, Minn.) Brian Brenengen (Galesville, Wis.) Paul Matzke (Sun Prairie, Wis.)

4-1Q 3-2 1-4 1-4

Jerry Van Brunt (Colorado Springs, Colo. 1-4 Pool B:

Jeff Erickson (Proctor, Minn.) Mark Olson (Milton, Wis.)

Paul Pustovar (Hibbing, Minn.)

5-0Q 3-2Q 3-2

Dwayne Jacobson (Junction City, Wis.) 2-3 Dave Foley (Pewaukee, Wis.)


Lionel Locke (St. Louis Park, Minn.) 1-4 Pool C:

Doug Cameron (Duluth, Minn.) Lyle Sieg (Blaine, Wash.)

Bob Leclair (Goodyear, Ariz.) Jeff Wright (Libertyville, Ill.) Dale Gibbs (Woodbury, Minn.)

From P10: Junior Champions Crowned

the offense going. Te teams exchanged singles and Connolly’s

team finally broke through in the fiſth-end to score the game’s first deuce. Stopera countered in the seventh end with two to take a one-point lead. Aſter holding Connolly’s rink to a single point in the eighth end, Stopera was able to hold on to the hammer advantage until the final end to score a point and earn the 2017 junior national title. Tis will be the first appearance at the World

Junior Championships for three of the four ath- letes, who are all members of the USA Curling

Junior High Performance Program. Stopera, 19, a student at Northwestern University, finished third at last year’s Junior Nationals. Violette, 17, won the junior title back in 2014 at age 14 and went on to finish ninth at the World Juniors. Richardson, 18, teamed up with Violette to win a silver medal at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games. Fenson, 17, is the youngest son of 2006 Olympic bronze medalist Pete Fenson. Connolly will join the team as the fiſth player

for the World Juniors while Madison Bear (Pard- eeville, Wis.) has been named the fiſth for Dub- berstein’s team. Q

Q=qualified to playoffs Quarterfinal results: 101 300 3x – 8 000 023 0x – 5

*Mellerup Cameron

*Sieg Olson

Erickson *Mellerup

Farbelow *Sieg

Erickson *Farbelow

010 201 1x – 5 001 000 0x – 1


020 410 02 – 9 301 002 10 – 7

020 210 02 – 7

102 001 00 – 4 Final:

100 010 0x – 2 011 301 1x – 7

*last rock in first end USA Curling (( 11

3-1Q 3-1Q 2-2 2-2 0-4

4-0 3-1 2-2 1-3

Carol Ann Naso (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 0-4 Q=qualified to playoffs Semifinals:

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