2017 Junior National Championships Jan. 15-21, Fargo, N.D. Round robin standings: Women:

Annmarie Dubberstein (Portage, Wis.) 7-0Q Madison Bear (Pardeeville, Wis.)

Melissa Runing (North Mankato, Minn.) 4-3Q Ariel Traxler (Fairbanks, Alaska) Susan Dudt (Malvern, Pa.) Emily Quello (Bemidji, Minn.)

5-2Q 4-3

3-4 3-4

Elizabeth Cousins (Medfield, Mass.) 2-5 Beth Podoll (Fargo, N.D.)


Modified Page playoff results: Semifinal: *Bear


010 040 110 x – 7 002 001 001 x – 4

Final: *Dubberstein 030 33x xxx x – 9 Bear

Te 2017 Junior National Championships took place in January in Fargo, N.D. Winners included (l-r) Annmarie Dubberstein, Andrew Stopera, Christine McMakin, Luc Violette, Jenna Burchesky, Ben Rich- ardson, Allison Howell, and Graem Fenson.

Photo by Rich Harmer for USA Curling

Dubberstein, Stopera rinks win Junior National Championships

By Terry L. Davis, Editor

N.D., aſter going through the round robin unde- feated and earning a direct berth in the women’s championship final of the 2017 USA Curling Ju- nior National Championships on Jan. 21. In defeating Madison Bear’s team 9-1 in the


gold-medal game, Dubberstein (Portage, Wis.) and her team of Christine McMakin (St. Paul, Minn.), Jenna Burchesky (Walpole, Mass.), and Allison Howell (Solon, Ohio) will now represent the U.S. at the 2017 World Junior Championships Feb. 16-26 at the Gangneung Curling Centre in South Korea. Te team is coached by Bev Schro- eder (Stevens Point, Wis.). Dubberstein’s team patiently waited for a scor-

ing opportunity and struck in the second end for three points to jump out to a solid early lead. Bear (Pardeeville, Wis.) and teammates Cora Farrell (Fairbanks, Alaska), Cait Flannery (Mankato, Minn.), and Lexi Lanigan (Duluth, Minn.) were held to a single point in the third end. Dubber- stein’s team would strike for three more points in the fourth end to keep charging toward the title. Well in control of the match already, Dubber-

10 ))

nnmarie Dubberstein’s team was the one to beat all week at the Fargo- Moorhead Curling Club in Fargo,

stein’s team would steal three points in the fiſth end when Bear’s final draw was light. Seeing the deficit was too much to overcome, Bear’s team of- fered the handshake to conclude the game. Tis will be the first appearance at the World

Junior Championships for Dubberstein, 19, a stu- dent at the University of Minnesota. McMakin, 18, was a member of Team USA last year when the Americans won silver at the 2016 World Juniors in Denmark. Tis also will be the first World Juniors appearance for Burchesky, 19, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and Howell, 17, a high school student. Men’s Championship recap

It was a patient and methodical strategy that

clinched the junior national title for Andrew Stopera’s team as the 2017 USA Curling Junior National Championships came to a close at the Fargo-Moorhead Curling Club in Fargo, N.D. Stopera (Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.) and team-

mates Luc Violette (Issaquah, Wash.), Ben Rich- ardson (Issaquah, Wash.), and Graem Fenson (Bemidji, Minn.) scored a single point in the 10th end to defeat Nick Connolly’s team and earn the right to represent the U.S. at the upcoming World Junior Championships in South Korea. Te team is coached by Mark Lazar (Toledo, Ohio).

*last rock in first end Nick Connolly (Seattle)

001 00x xxx x – 1 Men:

Timothy Hodek (Fairdale, N.D.)

5-2Q 5-2Q

Andrew Stopera (Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.) 5-2Q Hunter Clawson (Clarksville, Md.) Josh Moore (Mapleton, Minn.) Riley Fenson (Bemidji, Minn.) Chase Sinnett (Medfield, Mass.) Nick Steinhaus (Mapleton, Minn.) Q=qualified to playoffs

4-3 3-4 2-5 2-5 2-5

Modified Page playoff results: Page 1-2 game: *Connolly Hodek

Semifinal: *Hodek Stopera

Final: *Connolly Stopera

010 020 100 3 – 7 000 101 022 0 – 6

111 002 010 10 – 7 000 210 202 01 – 8

001 020 010 0 – 4 010 100 200 1 – 5

Curtis Cup Sportsmanship Award recipients: Team Dudt: Susan Dudt, Sarah Ogawa, Kather-

ine Gourianova, Nadezhda Tschumakow, Rebecca Rodgers, Coach Leslie Dudt Team Sinnett: Chase Sinnett, Eli Clawson,

Andrew Gittis, Daniel Casper, Evan Mullaney, Coach David Sinnett Katie Beck Memorial Award: Aaron Carlson, Team Connolly

Connolly (Seattle) and teammates Branden

Scheel (Fargo, N.D.), Aaron Carlson (East Lan- sing, Mich.), and Andrew Dudt (Malvern, Pa.) came into the playoffs as the top seed and started the game with the last-rock advantage. It would be Stopera’s team, however, that scored first as they stole a single point in the second end to get

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