Winners of the Beers of Columbus were (l-r) Christy Schweitzer, Ben Levy, Jenny Levy, and Karen Hamilton.

Winners of the Milwaukee Ladies Kiltie were (front, l-r) Helen Deuhs, Linda Goetsch, Barb Hamm, and Lys Buck. Runners-up were (back, l-r) Joanne Moll, Lynn Packard, Kelly Conrardy, and Susan Ryan.

Milwaukee Ladies Kiltie Dec. 9-11, 2016 // Milwaukee CC, Cedarburg, Wis.


1EW–Milwaukee 1ERU–Milwaukee

2EW–Chicago 2ERU–Exmoor 3EW–Milwaukee

3ERU–Chicago 4EW–Madison

5EW–Chicago 5ERU–Mayfield

TEAM Barb Hamm, Linda Goetsch, Helen Deuhs, Lys Buck

Kelly Conrardy, Lynn Packard, Joanne Moll, Susan Ryan

Susan McDonald, Julie Denten, Gayle Salter-Kenne- dy, Joby Berman

Marcy Calaway, Leslie Armstrong, Peggy Griem, Kelly Zahn

Diane Rosenberg, Clare Bergquist, Donna Porsche, Kathy Geracie

Michelle Rittgers, Karrie Gottschild, Christine Blakely, Kathleen Hendrickson

Kathy Vinge, Shelly Kosal, Carla Lynch, Cindy Rhyner

4ERU–Kettle Moraine Michelle Heinze, Carey Nelson, Erin Gunderson, Megan Passo

Deb Lange, Deb Murray, Carol Falasz, Kailey Meyer

Debbie Horn, Martha Naber, Karen Hamilton, Connie Kuperschmidt

// CERTIFICATIONS Level I Ice Technician

Dan Ahern, Denver Curling Club Brian Brown, Denver Curling Club Teodore Hallock, Denver Curling Club Robert Huehmer, Denver Curling Club David Land, Denver Curling Club Walt Mader, Denver Curling Club Glenn Pfautsch, Boise Curling Club Scot Schneider, Denver Curling Club Jason Sethi, Denver Curling Club Nathan Trachta, Broadmoor Curling Club Tomas Whitman, Denver Curling Club Bryan Wilson, Denver Curling Club

28 28 ))

)) 6ERU–Midland

Beers of Columbus Bonspiel Dec. 2-4, 2016 // Columbus CC, Columbus, Ohio

PLACE 1EW–Detroit 1ERU–Columbus TEAM

Ben Levy, Christy Schweitzer, Jenny Levy, Karen Hamilton

Stephen Imes, Jason Connelly, Ryan O'Neil, Eric Boerger

2EW–Fort Wayne Shawn Wall, Jim Sharpe, Caleb Bennett, Marty Lemert 2ERU–Curl Troy

3EW–Bucks County Kevin Stayer, Joe Phillips, Zac Gery, Greg Danks 3ERU–New Pond

4EW–Bowling Green Scott Piroth, Scott Helle, Matt Smith, Bryan Zimmerman

4ERU–Columbus 5EW–Palmetto 5ERU–Mayfield 6EW–Columbus

Michael Pintar, John Jackson, Rick Olson, Tom O'Brien Ryan Smith, Alan Shaw, Nathan Sharpe, Kristin Sharpe Bob Bellamy, Kristen Roenigk, Andrew Riehl, Cindy Riehl John Besch, Eric Johnson, Ryan Greene, Tom Stauffer

Michelle DeBuck, Jackie Pesch, Suzette Loeffler, Melissa Headland

// IN MEMORIAM Erwin A. Sautter-Hewitt Erwin A. Sautter-Hewitt, 92, died Dec. 8, 2016. Erwin, from Switzer-

land, was a kindly, knowledgeable and energetic promoter of curling, jour- nalist and curling scholar. Erwin was inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame in 1997 as

a builder for his work promoting the sport. Tis included founding and producing the Swiss magazine Curling, contributing articles to the Scot- tish Curler, forming the World Curling Media Association (WCMA), which still meets annually at the World Curling Championships, and as author of the book Curling Vademecum, published in 1993. Robin Welsh, in his 1985 book International Guide to Curling, wrote,

“Erwin A. Sautter, who founded Curling in 1959 and edited it for many years, gave drive and direction at a critical stage to Swiss curling. A man steeped in the lore of the game and an international figure of repute, he at- tended meetings during the Scotch Cup in Vancouver in 1966 which led to the formation of the (then named) International Curling Federation.

Mike Harwat, Matt Urbaniak, Eric Heinrich, Aaron Prine Rich Ashford, Kenny Thomson, Ian Webb, Barb Thomson

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