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instrument data acquisition delivering exceptional value and business advantage. LabWare LIMS is used across

a wide range of industries from research to manufacturing. The software is highly scalable. It is cost effective for smaller laboratories, and proven in organisations that wish to deploy to multiple laboratories on an enterprise scale. The software can be deployed

to end-users via a browser, windows, and mobile devices. It provides extensive ‘out-of-the- box’ functionality and a library of pre-configured industry template solutions, available to fast-track installations in the pharmaceutical, environmental, contract analysis, bioanalysis, forensic, petrochemical, and other industries.

PerkinElmer’s Collaboration Platform offers an integrated, cloud-accessible platform, which customers can use to capture, collaborate and analyse data. It is the result of a major product and technology transformation, intended to meet the changing needs of today’s laboratory, especially as work becomes more distributed. The platform enables complex, workflow-driven tasks through the E-Notebook, while introducing a lightweight interface promoting communication across a project team in Elements. The resulting solution supports everyone in the lab, without costly infrastructure concerns when working with partners, CROs, and internal colleagues alike.

Siemens’ Simatic IT R&D Suite is a modular, scalable software platform for R&D and quality, including software for: LIMS – Lab Automation –

Simatic IT Unilab Next Generation LIMS offers exhaustive LIMS functionality in various industries and types of labs Specification Managemen –

Simatic IT Interspec specification and product data management Electronic Lab Notebook

– Simatic IT R&D Suite for Trial

& Experiment is the system of reference for the global R&D community enabling efficient innovation and intellectual property protection Formula Management – Simatic

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Titian Software’s Mosaic sample management solution integrates inventory tracking, automation integration, and ordering in a single, future-proof system. Mosaic software is scalable to handle everything from small collections to global inventories, and brings you productivity improvements and accompanying cost-efficiencies. Because Mosaic is proven

sample management software, biologics teams can maintain

Process Solutions’ LDMS is a LIMS product designed for cement and lime production facilities and suited to continuous process manufacturing. LDMS incorporates multiple standards and ranges into daily testing which provides extensive audit features though instrument calibration and logging. The key to supplying quality information for the manufacturing process is our ability to integrate into the process automation system. LDMS is deployed as a turn-key project and is used in more than 50 laboratories in North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand

Spectra QEST’s LIMS is specifically designed for the construction materials testing (CMT) industry. QESTLab is designed to improve efficiency and introduce best practice in all areas of the laboratory. The system can support centralised implementations and is a functionally broad system, after

the same system in use by many compound management divisions, providing a unified platform for use across departments. Titian’s Mosaic product range

is scalable and customisable to provide solutions for different budgets and workflows in one integrated package. Mosaic Freezer Management is designed for small to medium-sized sample collections. Mosaic’s Assay Requesting module optimises reagent and consumable use

more than a decade of continuous improvement and adaptation in a variety of markets. QESTLab’s reach can be

extended to the field with the adoption of the QESTField system, which is designed to run on portable, hand-held devices. Further, the QESTLab system integrates well with Construction Hive, which is a web system for the management of CMT results.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager is a fully integrated laboratory platform encompassing laboratory information management (LIMS), scientific data management (SDMS) and lab execution (LES). SampleManager can be connected to customers’ existing informatics infrastructures, regardless of which or how many instrument vendors they use. This enables labs to execute and manage all their laboratory processes easily, with the data rigour and intelligence that laboratory

IT R&D Suite for Formula and Recipe management offers a digital playground for R&D scientists Supplier Collaboration –

Simatic IT R&D Suite for Supplier Collaboration enables digital exchange of specification data with suppliers Regulatory Management

– Simatic IT R&D Suite for Regulatory Management helps ensure compliance from the design phase.

in assays. Further significant options for Mosaic software will be launched throughout 2016. With a long track record in the

industry, Titian also offers expert help with key demands that may challenge the laboratory team.

management requires to drive efficiency and profitability lab- and business-wide. Thermo Fisher’s tightly

integrated informatics platform now features more intuitive dashboards and an enhanced Statistical Quality Control (SQC) capability designed to detect non- conformance trending before it reaches pre-defined thresholds. informatics-samplemanager-11

The UNIConnect pMDx (Precision Molecular Diagnostic LIMS Suite) is designed for laboratory professionals seeking a focused solution for HIPAA compliant, CAP/CLIA certified, molecular laboratory operations. Comprehensive pMDx includes core molecular diagnostic functions – accessioning, extraction, quantitation, PCR, analysis, and reporting. Also included are modules for BioBank, PGx, Tox, NGS, Resource Management. pMDx functions standalone or integrated with existing LIS/LIMS, instrumentation, and billing infrastructure. It is designed to manage the depth and complexity of ‘omic’ sciences and adaptable to accommodate change in this dynamic field. Web-based pMDx scales from single lab to global network. Adaptability, rapid implementation, and process management are achieved via the underlying UNIFlow Laboratory Process Management Platform, and it can be installed locally or hosted via Google Cloud Services.

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