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Freezerworks 2015 is a major upgrade of the popular sample management program. The upgrade offers advanced patient data management and security, along with feature improvements in usability. The upgrade integrates its two laboratory sample management programs, Basic and Unlimited, into a single platform.

privileges. It works seamlessly with all other Core Informatics products and applications available on the Platform for Science. It accepts free- form data entry and integrates with MS Office Web Apps, in addition to Marvin Sketch/ChemDraw for chemistry applications. The Core Scientific Data

Management System (SDMS) drives laboratory instrument integration in combination with

Current owners will be able to upgrade their versions of either product into one of three editions. The integrated platform offers a greater number of features for current users of both programs. To highlight its Pacific

Northwest roots, the company has named the three editions Base, Ascent, and Summit.

use the latest update, while enjoying high scalability and highest data protection. More than 200 laboratories use EuSoft.Lab LIMS to manage their business processes effectively. With EuSoft. Lab software, all laboratory processes can be consolidated in compliance with relevant regulations.

The KineMatik ELN helps R&D teams in all types of industries: consumer packaged goods; food and beverage; life sciences; agriculture; energy; and more. Designed as a multi-disciplinary

the Core LIMS and Core ELN. The SDMS automatically captures data and draws information and results from laboratory equipment into the system to enable data storage, analysis and adherence to proper laboratory workflows. When the Core SDMS detects a new file in an instrument’s network file system, the appropriate file parser loads the information into the Core LIMS. for-science

Eusoft has been a leading LIMS company since 1997, specialising in software for the management of testing laboratories in order to comply with the quality standards such as ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and FDA 21 CFR part 11. Design, development, and maintenance of the Eusoft.Lab LIMS has always been the core business of Eusoft. Eusoft.Lab is a true ‘cloud-ready’ LIMS as SaaS (Software as a Service) – one of the few in the world. With Eusoft.Lab LIMS as SaaS, users can reduce start up time and speed up ROI, access services anytime and anywhere,

ELN, the KineMatik ELN meets the needs of a broad range of researchers. With more than 15 years’ experience across a range of research needs, KineMatik has focused on delivering an ELN that matches the way researchers work today. It has one of the most powerful search engines in the ELN industry using full text, metadata, or natural language across documents, images, and enterprise files. It has quick to use workspaces, so that users can navigate anywhere in the ELN in

IDBS offers a single solution that delivers a flexible suite of applications for data and sample management, analysis, reporting, and IP retention. The E-WorkBook ELN makes complex tasks simpler and helps unlock the potential of a company’s intellectual property (IP). It is a proven, multidisciplinary platform for producing significant data insights and improving internal and external collaboration. It offers significant process improvements across the organisation, boosting

Features in Summit include a

configurable patient management module, linking patients to sample

one or two clicks and import any type of data or image, using drag- and-drop functions.

Labguru is trusted by scientific researchers to track, share, and organise research data in new ways. Its software combines a flexible electronic lab notebook with a biological and biochemical specimens tracking solution, making it an ideal solution for the academic and pre-clinical research environment. Scientific innovators at global research firms, biotech companies, research institutions and academic labs use this unprecedented integration of ELN and LIMS within Labguru to implement better workflows, deliver clearer feedback, and enhance researcher time efficiency, leading to new insights, faster. The modern web-based

architecture leads to rapid deployment keeping IT infrastructure costs down. Labguru supports a broad range of hosting environments to suit a variety of data management policies and is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

records, and powerful security features for shielding patient health information from unauthorised viewers. To meet evolving US federal guidelines for patient data security, the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail tracks records whenever sensitive patient data is viewed – by user, time, and date.

LabLite LLC offers: a powerful off-the-shelf LIMS with custom development as required; process control for repetitive data entry in treatment plants and manufacturing; stability to manage stability study test conditions and pull dates; CMT to track equipment calibration and maintenance schedules and personnel training. LabLite customer service tracks

complaint calls and assigns actions, while the inventory tracks reagents and assets. Handheld devices or tablets can be used to collect field readings when sampling. LabLite also creates custom web submission Forms to allow for remote submission of samples via the internet and allows web reporting so companies can provide their clients with secure access to their reports from their website.

LabWare LIMS is used in 100 countries worldwide and forms part of the LabWare Enterprise Laboratory Platform. It is supplied with an extensive range of application modules and integrated

productivity and enabling users to bring products to market more quickly. E-WorkBook is a platform for

the future. Intuitive and easy-to- use, it speeds up data capture and

accessibility. Template libraries that provide workflow control can improve compliance and data quality. By supporting existing documents and templates, it reduces change management costs and pushes content in real time to configurable dashboards. The E-WorkBook platform offers integrated support for industry standard chemistry, biologics and instrument data formats, and the E-WorkBook web client is supported across multiple devices. | 33

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