NEWS “Without independent shops

there is no future” Maver boss nails her colours to the mast – independent dealers are the lifeblood of angling

Independent dealers are the lifeblood of the tackle trade,” says Maver’s boss, Sarah Phoenix. “They’re staffed by knowledgeable

staff and they tend to be very specialist. Obviously there are so many different facets of angling – but it’s very rare that one shop offers and caters successfully for all disciplines. “And that, I believe, is the problem with the changing face of the market. The UK angling trade needs these specialist shops to successfully sit alongside the multiples of Angling Direct and Fishing Republic. Small independent shops are the entry point for so many future anglers and it’s where we get the real feedback from anglers too.” Sarah is adamant that without the hundreds of good small and medium sized shops throughout the country, angling is doomed. “As an industry we need these shops, they are our best recruitment tool and they are where anglers get the advice and knowledge that they need. We recognise this and we are here to support them.”

For Maver, service is key, and

that’s where it hopes to win over the support of tackle dealers. “Dealers need prompt and effi cient service. And they need to be able to talk to people that really understand their business. And we do understand their business. We understand the problems that they encounter because we listen to their needs. “Service is king, whether that’s

through stock, spares, delivery or understanding the workings of small and medium dealers fi nancing. We are here to help.” Maver’s strategy appears to be paying dividends already. Maver product is increasingly visible on the bank and its high-profi le consumer marketing appears to be paying dividends.

“During 2018 we will be launching a host of new products throughout the year – and this will be backed by product specifi c consumer campaigns. It’s our intention to constantly drive custom through tackle shop doors as more and ore anglers buy into the Maver brand.”

MAVER UK T 01527 406300 E W

Smith’s Sharpeners join Whitby & Co L

eading outdoor accessory distributor, Whitby & Co is now the exclusive distributor of Smith’s Sharpeners in the UK and Ireland. Smith’s Sharpeners has been a trusted name within the industry for over 125 years – making quality and effective sharpening and speciality tool products. The company’s long history has focused on its mission to provide customers with the best value and easy to use products. Whitby and Co supplies a wide range

of different markets, from outdoor and camping, hunting and fi shing, gift, DIY, and agricultural since 1961. The Kendal based company, already distributes brands such as Leatherman, Klean Kanteen, Opinel and Buck and is pleased to add Smith’s Sharpeners to its well respected portfolio. Garry Woodhouse, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “I’m delighted

8 | Tackle & Guns | Dec / Jan 18

to announce Whitby & Co as the exclusive distributor of Smith’s Sharpeners in the UK and Ireland, it’s a trusted brand that’s been in the business for many years now. “It expands Whitby & Co.’s range of brands even further and we’re keen to add to its many years in the industry.” Whitby and Co will distribute the full selection of the brand including

some of the most popular items including the 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone, 2-Step Knife Sharpener and Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener.

WHITBY & CO T: 01539 721032

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