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A new trolley is available for RTX rammers.

Plates with power

Several innovative compaction plates were among new products launched by Altrad Belle, as Alan Guthrie discovered.

At the Show two years ago, Altrad Belle launched its PCEL 400E electric plate compactor, which has proved popular with hirers and end users because of its eco-friendly qualities. For 2016, the manufacturer has now unveiled two larger models. “We constantly listen to customer feedback, and hirers tell us that the electric machine is useful for a variety of applications, such as work on patios and indoor environments such as basements,” MD Ray Neilson told EHN. “However, they also wanted a version with more power for demanding applications.

“The original model has a 0.6kW motor giving 10.5kN of centrifugal force, and we are now introducing the PCLX 12/40E, which has a 1.5kW power unit producing 12kN. It also travels faster, at 24m per minute rather than 18m per minute, getting the job done more quickly. There is definitely a growing market for electric models. As well we being emission- free, they produce little noise, making them suitable for use at night and in built-up areas. They are also easy to maintain, with no spark plugs or carburettor, and there is no risk of fuel leakage. ”

transportation over rough terrain. “This is a very high performance plate that is suitable for building contractors, and it can be used on large areas such as warehouse floors,” said Ray Neilson. “Overall, our electric plates have moved from representing a niche market to the mainstream.”

At the Show, Altrad Belle also launched two new single-direction petrol plates. The PCX 17/50A has a 500mm-wide plate and is designed for compacting asphalt and macadam surfaces. It has a tapered base plate to help avoid track marks, an integrated wheel kit and a 12-litre water tank. The 350mm-wide PCX 60A is of similar width to the existing 12/36 model, but has a more powerful Honda engine and is lighter in weight.

Altrad Belle launched several additions to its compaction plate range.

Several enhanced products were displayed, which have been developed as a result of customer feedback. The popular HPP hydraulic power pack can be fitted with an

optional tool tray to conveniently store a breaker, which also lowers the unit’s centre of gravity and a bracket to protect the oil filler is also incorporated. The manufacturer’s breakers also have improved ergonomic handles to prevent slippage when working at an angle.

The PCEL 400E and PCLX 12/40E have 380mm-wide plates and are available in 110V and 230V. The other new electric plate, the PCLX 16/45E, is an 110V model designed for even more powerful performance. Its 2.2kW motor delivers 16kN of force and a travel speed of 27m per minute. The machine has a 450mm-wide base plate and is designed for ease of

The HPP power pack can now be fitted with a tool tray.

manoeuvrability. A folding wheel kit is also incorporated to aid


Also on display was a transport trolley for the manufacturer’s rammers. The securing latch adjusts to accommodate different models in the RTX range, and one person can move the tool easily around a site or workshop and through standard doorways.

Altrad Belle only confirmed that it would exhibit many of these new products shortly before the Show opened for business, and, not surprisingly, it reported keen interest from visitors. This once again confirms the value of attending our industry’s main annual event, as you will always come across unexpected and exciting new equipment. Those hirers that have seen them first, made contact with the supplier and placed orders will gain a distinct competitive edge.

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