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The Mobile Office has quickly proved popular.

Genquip gears up

The manufacturer continues to develop its Groundhog site welfare range. Alan Guthrie reports.

There are several reasons why Genquip is anticipating another positive year supplying hirers with products from its Groundhog site welfare range. According to MD Dennis Hughes, “not least of these is the on-going importance of Health & Safety. Sites are being policed more and more intensively and managers are more aware than ever of their responsibilities. They are looking for appropriate solutions and are turning to hirers to supply them.

The SWO7600 was in Genquip’s Show line-up.

We are adding more hirers to our customer base all the time, and they recognise the good returns on investment they can achieve.”

Another factor is that many users are upgrading. Sales & Marketing Manager, Peter Beach, says that “the build quality of our cabins gives a typical lifespan of up to ten years. As Genquip was established a decade ago, there is now steady demand from customers who are trading in their units and buying new, enabling them to benefit from new designs incorporating the latest technology for environmental friendliness.”

The mobile and static welfare cabin range is divided into Standard and Fusion models. The former provide warm water from an on-board system, a canteen and seating, a toilet and a drying area. Fusion versions, which are currently in greater demand, add enhancements like a 12V electrical system so that the diesel generator is only needed to power appliances such as the kettle and microwave. The company has also upgraded the solar panels that can be fitted to models across the ranges. Genquip’s most popular unit, the GP360 mobile cabin, was displayed at the Show fitted with a new 18Ah panel, which generated sufficient power for the main functions using light from inside the Ricoh Arena alone. A stand has also been developed that can hold the cabin after it is forklifted into place, simplifying maintenance for

The self-powered office has a high specification.

technicians without access to an inspection pit.


Proving popular is the Mobile Office, launched last year, which was also on display. Providing open plan work space, the 3.6m-long unit comes with a wall-mounted heater, with options including a warm wash facility and additional storage areas.

Standard static welfare models include the SW6100 and SWO7600, measuring 6.1m and 7.6m long respectively, with seating for up to eight people. The latter unit has additional office space.

New products include a ‘self-powered’ static office unit, finished to a very high specification for niche markets such as events or for sales suites at luxury housing developments. Electricity is generated via 30Ah high-capacity solar panels, with the generator only needed for high-draw appliances. The unit has a suspended ceiling, 50mm-thick floor and wall panels, double glazing, 3-pin and USB power sockets, and a cool box.

An addition to the mobile range is a sleeper unit, developed to meet demand from remote sites such as wind and solar farms, and in readiness for large projects like HS2. Up to four people can be accommodated,

Up to four people can be accommodated in the new sleeper unit.

and Genquip sees it as ideal for hire with a welfare unit.

The company also creates bespoke designs. “We recently built a high-specification 6m twin-axle welfare unit for hire to a rail contractor, with 4G Wi-Fi routers, a demountable television screen for toolbox talks inside and outside, inverter sockets and other items, again showing the demand for quality products,” said Dennis Hughes.

Last year, the Groundhog manufacturing facility in Neath invested £3.2m in computerised cutting and forming machines, and it now employs more than 80 staff. Exemplifying the faster production capability, it could previously take two people one day to make the components for a static model, it is now accomplished in just over 60 minutes. Given the positive market outlook, it should prove a wise investment.

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