Loma Systems will be highlighting its range of ‘Designed to Survive’ metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection equipment at PPMA. The company will be showcasing its latest IQ4 Metal Detectors, X5 X-ray Inspection Systems, CW3 Checkweighers and Combination models on Stand D50. Capable of detecting bone, glass,

dense plastic, rubber, stone as well as metals, Loma’s X5 X-ray Inspection Systems are constructed from stainless steel and offer easy cleaning and low maintenance and serviceability. The X5 Spacesaver X-ray Inspection machine measures just 1m in length. In addition, the IQ4 Metal Detector

series has been designed to offer improved detection sensitivity, beyond IP69K washdown rating, 7” touch screen and variable frequency for pipeline and vertical fall models, while the CW3 Checkweighers ensure every packed product has the correct weight.


In a bid to meet the growing demand for fully automated end of line systems, which increasingly require robotic solutions, Endoline Machinery has launched a sister company – Endoline Robotics Limited (ERL) – and formed a strategic partnership with FANUC UK. The installation of FANUC robotic palletising systems will now be managed under the umbrella of ERL, and the new company will be officially launched at the show. Andrew Yates, managing

director of Endoline Robotics, said: “The decision to partner with FANUC, and launch a sister company, dedicated to robotic palletising equipment, illustrates a

progressive period in our almost 40-year history. While we have developed the company and built up a solid export business, we are committed to the UK and creating solutions which directly meets our customers’ needs.” Andrew Armstrong, sales &

marketing manager at FANUC UK, commented: “The automation of end of line palletising systems represented a major growth area for British industry, with robots perfectly poised to take the strain of monotonous and repetitive tasks off human workers, freeing up their time to complete more value-added tasks.” At PPMA, Endoline Robotics will be showcasing a fully automatic


The changing face of Advanced Dynamics will be on show at this year’s PPMA Total Show. The company has undergone a rebranding exercise as part of a £250,000 investment to boost the business’ drive into new markets. Sales director, Tom Smith, said: “We urge any business visiting

PPMA Total looking for a packaging partner that is equipped to the hilt and values customer relationships, to make a beeline for Stand A30 for a unique experience that will be a game-changer.” “The FL-101 servo-driven volumetric filling machine is a

fantastic piece of engineering for most liquid applications, whilst the compact FL-12 automatic filler is highly affordable and ideal for use where space is at a premium. “We’ll also be promoting our labelling expertise with our best-


Secondary packaging company TrakRap is inviting attendees at the PPMA Total Show 2019 to learn more about its low carbon approach to food, drink and pharmaceutical packaging. Stand B22 will feature a live

demonstration of the TrakRap Packaging System, which eliminates the use of heat from the packaging process, reducing energy consumption by as much as 90% and materials usage, including plastic, by as much as 70% compared to shrink film systems. The System also delivers cost savings by enabling step change improvements in productivity, flexibility and sustainability, while TrakRap’s 100% recyclable green film ensures its packaging solutions deliver the lowest carbon footprint versus any corrugate box or shrink wrap option. The TrakRap team will be on hand to

talk about the operational and sustainability benefits the machine delivers, as well as showcasing the company’s new collaborative project to develop a new packaging machine designed to safely wrap aerosols using a digital twin – a fully functioning digital version of the physical machine.

TrakRap 24 SEPTEMBER 2019 | PROCESS & CONTROL 

selling, fully automated, inline, wraparound labelling system, the PL-501. And last but not least are our highly accurate and robust ELF twins, for desktop labelling designed to offer a cost-effective way of moving from manual hand labelling, to a more efficient automated solution. “Our dynamic new look is part of our ongoing evolution to ensure every customer gets what they need quickly and coupled with committed ongoing support.”

Advanced Dynamics INSIGHT INVITE

SICK is inviting PPMA Total Show visitors to gain an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into its pioneering new Industry 4.0 smart sensor production facility in Freiburg, Southern Germany. It is the first time the doors of SICK’s 4.0 Now factory have been opened to UK industry, since full-scale, high-volume production of SICK smart sensors became fully operational there last year. Using interactive links, show visitors will have the opportunity to learn about SICK’s real-world experiences of establishing a facility from scratch according to classic Industry 4.0 principles.

The factory’s fully-

automated technology cells support a modular production process for SICK’s smart photoelectric sensor families. Instead of a conventional linear sequence, the workflow progresses flexibly for each customer order and a high level of product variety is achieved. The Industry 4.0 theme

will continue on stand D64 with products showcasing SICK’s Smart Sensor advances such as Smart Tasks.


palletising system which will be palletising and de-palletising plastic crates. The system will incorporate a 6-axis FANUC M- 710iC series industrial robot and the plastic crates will be in various sizes and colours to demonstrate the ability to manage mixed pallets (Stand H120).

Endoline Robotics endoline- INTEGRAL TO INTEGRITY

The theme for Mettler-Toledo at PPMA this year is product integrity. The company will be showcasing the latest product inspection and industrial weighing solutions available for ensuring quality and conformity (Stand H80). Showing for the first time at PPMA

is the C35 dual lane checkweigher. In addition to ensuring compliance with weights & measures, the C35 contributes to product integrity by preventing over- or underfill. It is able to check two lines at once in real time. Accompanying the C35 is the X34 x- ray inspection system – a cost- effective option where physical contamination from multiple sources is a potential risk. The X34 is now available with a smaller footprint. Another product on show is the V35

Round Line, a compact, turnkey vision inspection solution for round, non- oriented containers that will fit on crowded production lines. The V35 performs 360° checks of label quality, text, or other graphic identification. Also on show will be industrial

weighing solutions such as the new Portion Control Station which features an ICS colorWeight terminal, and the Wireless Floor Scale with remote indicator utilising Bluetooth.

Mettler Toldeo

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