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Consultee England (NE)

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Consultation comments


pollution/contamination of the SSSI/SPA as a result of compound operations should be considered.

Potential for contaminant leakage and management of drilling fluid should be considered.

Noted commitments made to carry out all operations responsibly and the inclusion of a Pollution Prevention Plan.


Phase 2 Consultation comments

Cable landfall ideally needs to be outside the SSSI to avoid impacts, as per the National Planning Policy Framework regarding 1) preventing harm to geological conservation interests; and 2) development on SSSIs likely to have an adverse affect should not normally be permitted.


Phase 2 Consultation comments

Should the cable landfall be within the SSSI, then HDD is preferable to open cut trench techniques as this will limit impacts on the SSSI, although would require further detail of potential impacts in order to determine mitigation.


Phase 2 Consultation

Open cut trench for the cable landfall could have a

HDD is proposed at the landfall site to avoid any direct impacts to the SSSI. Impacts are assessed in Section 20.6.

Meetings have been held with NE to agree HDD.

Response / where addressed in the East Anglia ES

the scope of industry best practice, which is detailed in the embedded mitigation section of this chapter.

HDD is proposed at the landfall site. Impacts are assessed in Section 20.6.

HDD techniques only are proposed to be used at the


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