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Response / where addressed in the East Anglia ES

Felixstowe. This issue is considered within the ES in Volume 2, Chapter 6.

Detailed design of the HDD technique to be used at the landfall would take into account detail of the erosion trends.

Direct impacts to the SSSI are proposed to be mitigated through the

Use of HDD for installation of ducts, and the construction of temporary access to the beach outwards from the cliff.


PEIR comments

Noted that a PRA was to be undertaken for contaminated land purposes, including assessment of aerial photography and a site walkover of potentially affected areas.


PEIR comments

Noted that the PRA must conform to a specific framework (NPPF, CLR11) and be in line with EA Guiding Principles for Land Contamination.


PEIR comments

The Environmental Statement should include a desk study, conceptual model and initial risk assessment and provide

This work has been completed and results are incorporated in this Chapter and in Volume 5, Appendix 20.1

These comments have been noted in compiling the PRA (Volume 5, Appendix 20.1) and this Chapter.

This issue is focused on in the PRA (Volume 5, Appendix 20.1)


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