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assurance risks to controlled waters are understood and addressed.


Phase 2 Consultation comments

Suggested monitoring scheme for coastal erosion which would differentiate between the natural erosion rates and the increase in erosion (extent or rate) as a result of the Development

Consideration needed of the potential impacts on cliff stability due to vehicular access. Monitoring may be required, with any detrimental impact on coastal process requiring mitigation.

HDD techniques are proposed as the method by which cables and ducts would be brought ashore at the landfall. Detailed design of the HDD technique to be used at the landfall would take into account detail of the existing erosion trends. A coastal assessment of the landfall site has been carried out by ABPMer Ltd (reference 1874, dated October 2011), to assess the potential for coastal erosion within the cable landfall area and to the north as far as East Lane and south as far as Felixstowe. This issue is considered within the ES in Volume 2, Chapter 6.


Phase 2 Consultation comments

This Chapter assesses potential disruption to coastal morphology at the offshore cable landfall and Deben Estuary crossing as a result of installation activities as well as the presence of the cable, and concludes impacts to be not significant.

As such, monitoring is

Response / where addressed in the East Anglia ES


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