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Night Flight Concepts L.E.A.S.E.™

Reimagine law enforcement aviation with the introduction of the Law Enforcement Air Support Entity or L.E.A.S.E.™


another innovation by Night Flight Concepts.

It’s a challenging time for law

enforcement, with more demands being placed on services, decreasing budgets, and tighter scrutiny on virtually every aspect of law enforcement.

L.E.A.S.E. was created to help solve some of those challenges by removing the need for capital outlay required to start, update, and refresh airborne law enforcement.

L.E.A.S.E. utilizes a revolutionary approach for agencies to gain the latest equipment and expertise. It provides a method to train the airborne crew as a team in a controlled environment, thus maximizing eff ectiveness.

With L.E.A.S.E., an agency simply selects the aircraft that best meets their needs. The agency then selects the level of support needed in order to ensure that the operation is safe, effi cient, and operational. Options include seasoned law enforcement pilots, experienced maintenance technicians, and fl eet augmentation during peak times of need (such as planned major events or unplanned natural disasters). Once options are selected, the L.E.A.S.E. team starts working with the agency to provide the optimum in airborne support.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited’s new N16HT Pro product is a digital-intensifi ed night vision system coupling an ultra high- defi nition (4X HD) GoPro Hero 4 camera to a high performance Generation III image intensifi er. This is the only night vision system that images extremely low light scenes (overcast, starlight) in ultra-HD and HD formats, captures these images in many hours of internal recording storage (approx. nine hours for HD), and is able to disseminate images and videos in real time through wireless communications (WiFi) to other digital networks or portable cloud computing devices. This system can be applied to any commercial application requiring ultra- HD imaging, capture, and dissemination of real time video of night vision scenes. ASU’s N16HT Pro night vision system is innovative because: 1. It is a completely new night vision product using very high performance military and consumer electronics components.

2. It has brand new and patent pending optical coupling technology and creates the smallest network-enabled digital night vision system available.

3. The N16HT Pro system merges many other innovative technology options, such as the addition of ASU’s advanced white phosphor intensifi ed technology and BearTek’s remote communications glove accessory that allows remote hands-free operation of the system.


liquid penetrant inspections (LPI) on the 412 aft crosstube following some fi eld failures. DART therefore responded to industry demands for improved durability and easier maintenance with a radically new strainless steel crosstube for the Bell 412. This straight replacement of the OEM crosstube is higly corrosion resistant, four times more durable, and allows for 300 percent more landings (40,000 vs. 10,000) and requires no LPI testing. All this translates into longer part life, less downtime, less maintenance, and considerable cost savings.

Aerospace Bell Stainless Steel Crosstube

Many years ago, DART Aerospace and Bell Helicopter had to impose a life limit along with


The stainless steel crosstube is also available in an extended height version, another innovation from DART that allows for extra ground clearance (12 inches more than standard

high gear) for the installation of belly mounted equipment.


ASU N16HT Pro NVG Video System

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