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AgustaWestland, Airbus Helicopters, and Bell Helicopters. Helicopter operators such as Qatar-based Gulf Helicopters Company will be exhibiting, along with a number of other major operators from around the world. Additi onally, there will be strong attendance from maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) providers such as Canadian Heli-One and the U.S. company LORD, as well as 40 new exhibitors, adding to the testament of Helitech internationality.

International’s growing

This market-leading exhibition attracts visitors not just for the opportunity to engage with such a broad range of suppliers, but also to attend the infl uential education program that runs over the course of the exhibition. The education program comprises three streams: The Business and Strategy Conference, the European Helicopter Association Rotorcraft Seminars, and the Safety Workshop, with each day focusing on a diff erent area of importance for the industry.

This year the Business and Strategy Conference has been expanded to include two additional “Focus On” sessions. The fi rst session will examine the possibilities

of the growing market for UAVs for the helicopter industry, and the second will discuss the opportunities for the rotorcraft market in off shore wind farms.

4.5 in (H) 5.75 in (W) 8.5 in (D)


Helitech International is run in association with the European Helicopter Association, and the second day will be dedicated to their seminar sessions, looking at all aspects of rotorcraft regulation and air traffi c management, including a seminar on the benefi ts of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) project.

TDFM 9000 supports up to 6 P25 Phase II modules, FM modules: VHF/UHF Lo/UHF Hi/700-800 MHz

TDFM 9300 supports up to 4 P25 Phase II FM modules, plus 1 analog module. Analog modules: VHF/AM UHF/AM or VHF Lo Band FM

3000 Presets 200 zones per module

All P25 modules fully support Analog/Digital conventional operations

Dual Band capability available in all P25 modules 800-527-2581/214-320-9770

records, Brown’s expertise on fl ight preparedness is unrivalled.

On the fi nal day, the legendary Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown, will lead a session during the Safety Workshop on preparedness for fl ight. As the world record holder for the greatest number of diff erent aircraft fl own, amongst many other aeronautical



Optional Trunking formats include P25 Phase I, Phase II and Smart Zone

Encrypted operations capable with AES/DES options, ADP encryption is standard in all P25 modules

USB programmable via front panel connector Independently scan each module

Cross band and simulcast


The age of Jack Murdoch, the youngest- ever solo pilot of a French Guimbal Cabri G2 who recently fl ew to school in Christchurch, New Zealand. He’s on course to have his full pilot’s license when he turns 17 this Dec.

30 The number of drones that fl ew in a world-

record swarm launched by Naval Postgraduate School researchers at Camp Roberts,

California, in July. They are learning processes that could also apply to rotor-drones and hope to swarm 50 drones in the near future.


The number of days that Bronwyn Bishop held offi ce as Speaker of the House of

Representatives in Australia. She resigned amid a fl urry of social media memes criticizing her excessive use of helicopters.



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