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fl own more than 6,000 hours with more than 25,000 hoist cycles” said Bernd Brucherseifer, managing director at HTM.


Able Hits Milestone: Completes Full PMA Line for Bell 206 Main Rotor Hub

handling qualities, compact airframe size, and small rotor diameter makes it the fi rst choice in off shore wind business.

Airbus Helicopters Delivers H135 for Off shore Operations to HTM in Germany

The fi rst H135 confi gured for off shore hoisting duties has been delivered to HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH, marking a new milestone for the enhanced version of Airbus Helicopters’ lightweight rotorcraft previously known as the EC135 T3.

The H135 is well adapted to the full range of off shore operations, benefi tting from the helicopter’s excellent performance, especially in one engine inoperative (OEI) conditions. It fulfi lls all requirements for off shore missions, with equipment that includes a rescue hoist, an external life raft system, helicopter emergency egress lighting, automatically deployable emergency locator transmitter (ELT), three-axis autopilot, weather radar, underwater locator beacon, and emergency fl oatation system certifi ed for sea state 6. In addition, its outstanding

HTM will operate the H135 from its bases at Emden, Norden, Borkum and Helgoland, serving off shore windfarms in the German Bight (aka German Bay). HTM has meanwhile contracted 10 windfarms and customers like DONG, EWE, EON, Siemens, DOTI, ADWEN, and Senvion. The H135 joins HTM’s already extensive inventory of Airbus Helicopters-built rotorcraft that includes fi ve EC135 P2+ versions already based along the North Sea coastline, with the company’s fl eet growing to as many as 11 H135-family aircraft by early 2016.

“We look forward to the H135 joining our

inventory. With its increased OEI

performance and the additional equipment features off ered, it is the perfect complement to our existing fl eet complying already with future off shore requirements. The EC135 fl eet has proven its reliability and safety with a perfect availability static in off shore operation since 2009 having

Able Aerospace has reached a benchmark in its decades-long history, securing FAA approval on the Bell 206 main rotor hub grip PMA and offi cially completing its full off ering of major components for the Bell 206 helicopter main rotor hub.

Now providing the world’s largest inventory of Bell 206 main rotor hub and dynamic components, Able can save operators up to 50 percent off of OEM list price for main rotor hub maintenance parts.

“This delivers a more complete line of savings than anyone in the industry,” said Anthony Saenz, president of Able Aerospace Inc. “We’re allowing customers to move from piece-part discounts to large-scale strategic savings, while still protecting the highest standards of safety and performance.”

Able’s new Bell 206 main rotor hub grip PMA is off ered under PN: 2AA-011-132- 113A (OEM PN: 206-011-132-113A).

Along with the full Bell 206 line, Able now also off ers a main rotor hub rental solution while units are being serviced. It additionally has pre-placed main rotor hub exchanges, components, PMA, and rental

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