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Class Notes

NEWS AND NOTES FROM YOUR CLASSMATES 89 Tom Curtin ’60 and John McGuirk ’60 67 87

Christopher Lowther went to Scotland in October 2015. While there, he

passed the English (United Kingdom) Dermatology Boards, earning a Specialty Certificate in Dermatology. In Novem- ber 2015, he took a competitive exami- nation where candidates come from all over the world. He earned the Glasgow Diploma in Dermatology. He took the written exam in Glasgow and the clinical exam at the National Health Service Hospital in Edinburgh. Chris lives in Cody, WY.

Joe Maurice is a partner

with Cohn Lifland Pearl- man Herrmann & Knopf

LLP in Saddle Brook, NJ. Joe received the designation of Certified Civil Trial Attorney from the Supreme Court of NJ Board of Attorney Certification. Such designation is granted to those who are able to demonstrate a high level of ex- perience and skill at trial and are profi- cient at pursuing litigation through trial. Joe practices primarily in the areas of commercial and criminal litigation. He serves as secretary for the Bergen County Bar Association and is a trustee of the Bergen County Bar Foundation. Joe just completed his third and final term on the Bergen Catholic Board of Directors.


Sean O’Brien is a Chat- tanooga, TN police officer. Sean was recently honored

in Washington, D.C., as a Top Cop, along with five of his co-workers, for being the first responders who rushed to stop the July 16, 2015 terrorist attack at the Naval Reserve center in Chattanooga. Sean and his colleagues recounted moments they can’t wipe from their memory—mo- ments when time slowed to a crawl and they thought they might not make it out alive as they tried to stop the 24-year-old shooter’s rampage. To read more: ht tp: / /www. t imes f reepres s . com /news/local/story/2015/dec/22/officers -recall-deadly-july-16-attack/341515/

Martin van Koolbergen is a partner in a 30-person ar- chitectural lighting design

firm with offices in New York, Los An- geles and Shanghai. Over the years Mar- tin has designed the lighting for projects such as The Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the Four Seasons Resort in Oahu. His current project is as the lead designer for all the VIP lounges, clubs and restaurants for the new NFL stadium for the LA Rams.

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Billy Armstrong and his wife, Lauren, are delighted to announce the birth of

their daughter, April Poppy Armstrong. Poppy was born on April 11, 2016. She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. She’ll be dribbling a bas- ketball before you know it.

Noel Naughton and his wife, Kelly, are the proud parents of Bromley Patrick

Naughton, who was born on January 27, 2016 weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. A future Crusader Basketball star!

Craig Arkenau has been promoted to vice president of on-air engineering at

NBC Universal.

97 April Armstrong 38 C R U S A D E R MA G A Z I N E | WWW. B E R G E N C A T H O L I C . O R G

Matthew Bott has been appointed an assistant attending surgeon on the

Thoracic Service in the Department of Surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He will focus his clinical practice on the surgical treatment of patients with intrathoracic malignancies, particularly lung and esophageal cancer. Dr. Bott will continue his research exploring the genetic un- derpinnings of these tumors. Matt is a 2001 graduate of Duke University. He

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