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Alumni Online Directory Returns! We are happy to announce a new and improved alumni online direc-

tory, available only for alumni. Each alumnus has been pre-assigned a username and password, which can be obtained as part of your initial sign-up process on our website at When you arrive at the website’s main page, click on the word

“ALUMNI” near the top right corner of the site. Click on the naviga- tion bar link titled “Alumni Online Directory Login.”

Follow these “first-time” login steps: • At this point, you won’t yet know your username or password, so leave those blank. Click on the link titled “Forgot login or first time logging in?,” located at the bottom of the login screen.

• Supply your e-mail address where indicated and put checkmarks in both the “Username” and “Password” boxes.

• Then click the “Send” button. • If your e-mail address is not yet on file with us, you will receive a screen that indicates along the top: “Login Help—We are unable to process your request. Please contact Regina Radoslovich at rradoslovich@bergen- or 201-634-4146.”

• If your e-mail address IS already known by us, you will receive two sepa- rate e-mails from Regina, one containing your pre-assigned user- name. Make a note of it for future login purposes.

• The second e-mail will contain a link labeled: “Password Reset URL”; find this e-mail and click on the link, then…

• Enter “New Password” of your choosing and enter it again in the “Re-Enter New Password” box. (Make a note of the password you have selected for future use.)

• Then click on the “Set Password” button. • You will be taken directly to a screen that will allow you to have ac- cess to the Alumni Directory. Note: If you encounter a Welcome screen, simply “x” out of it.

• Click on the drop-down in the “Directories” area (the fourth navi- gation bar item) and select “Alumni.” Note: The first three items on the navigation bar are not operational at this time.

• You will be sent to the NEW ALUMNI ONLINE DIRECTORY. • Navigation items to be aware of: 1) Depending on the speed of your computer/browser, it may take a few moments for the first 200 alumni to appear. It will happen in a few moments!

2) At the current time, no matter what search you perform, the output will be limited to the first 200 alumni in any search. We are working with the vendor to expand that to 300 or 400.

3) You can look up any alumnus on an “individual” basis by typing his name in the area provided and then clicking on the magnifying glass.

4) You can refine your search by making choices along the right side of the directory, e.g., refine your search by class year. Note: The screen will not refresh unless you remember to click again on the magnifying glass after you make refinement selections along the right side. Again, the results will (currently) display only the first 200 names, alphabetically, at the present time. You can still search for individual classmates by name, however.

We wish you fun in your searches and success in reconnecting with your classmates and friends!

Important: The accuracy of the directory is totally dependent on each alumnus, so please keep your information current at all times. For example, e-mail addresses change frequently, so it is likely that many addresses in the directory may no longer be valid. We are committed to maintaining and providing accurate information, but need your help in that effort. Deus Vult!

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