Hitting the right note The Junior choir took part in

the annual Children Singing for Children concert series at St Mary’s Church in Banbury. They performed two pieces ‘I remember’ and ‘I am a small part of the world’.

Head of Junior School, Edward

Rossiter, said: “The harmonies were fantastic and reflected the hard work that they, and Rachel Bee, have put in over the term.” This is the 16th year Banbury

Rotary Club has organised the concert series. 2017 saw 650 pupils from 26 schools taking part and helping raise £7,500 for Rotary charities, making it the most successful to date.

Cherwell Democracy Challenge 2017

A team of four Sibford students, one each from Years 10, 11, 12 and 13, competed in a debating competition in November. The annual event, organised

by MP Victoria Prentis, took place in the council chamber at Bodicote House. Eight teams took part in two rounds, debating social media abuse of election candidates and the role of private provision in the NHS. Judges, including councillors and community representatives, marked

the rounds and announced the finalists as The Warriner and Sibford! Librarian Frances King who accompanied the students to the

competition, said: “The teams had just two minutes between knowing they were in the final and being told the topic which was ‘This House believes that university tuition fees should be fully funded by the Government’. “They were then whisked off to a room with a computer to research, prepare and practice their argument before returning to the council

chamber to debate in front of the audience. “They did brilliantly, coping with

interventions and questions from the audience, but the Warriner team, who were all from Year 13, just pipped them to the post. Well done to Charlotte, Ethan, Ed and Will for being proud runners up.” Victoria Prentis said: “I continue

Balletboyz workshops

In October, Sibford was visited by the inspiring and dynamic Balletboyz. The contemporary dance company, who in 2013 received the National Dance Award for Best Independent Dance Company,

took time out of their tour to carry out some dance workshops with pupils from Year 3 through to Year 9. The pupils were captivated

by dancers Ed and Brad who demonstrated their own versions of creative tasks, such as exploring make-believe settings of a jungle and a desert, exploring counter balance/counter tension and working with a partner to isolate body parts.

Filled with inspiration and

wonder, pupils subsequently had a go at the tasks themselves, and, under the guidance of the dancers, some were surprised at what they were able to achieve.


to be impressed by the high standards of debating which improves year on year. Everyone who participated made some excellent and thought-provoking contributions. Democracy has a bright future in North Oxfordshire.”

Animal antics

Children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 made friends with some woodland creatures in September when they received a visit from Angie’s Animal Antics. Each child was given the opportunity to get up close and personal and hold at least one animal or creepy crawly. Highlights of the visit incuded Bizet the owl deciding to find himself a new home in the role play corner, and the many animals who made a mess on the floor!

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