End of term awards

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Congratulations to the following pupils and students who received end of term awards.

In the Junior School Joseph (Year 3) was awarded the Deputy Head’s

Cup for academic achievement; Emily (Year 3) received the PSFA Award for demonstrating the spirit of the Junior School; Kahlan (Year 2) received the Howes Cup, recognising achievement in Science; Misa (Year 6) received the Trudy Koochitt Creative Writing Cup; Summer (Year 6) received the Janet Friday Cup for Organisation and Felix (Year 6) was awarded the Ali Sayer Art Cup. In the Senior School: Victoria (Year 10) was awarded the Andrew

Yale Cup for the pupil on a support programme who has made the most progress during the term; Sophie (Year 12) received the Phoenix Cup, in recognition of work with Kids’ Camp; Julia (Year 13) received the Dorothy Hawley award (for demonstrating outstanding care, consideration and helpfulness in the spirit of service to the community of the school) and Alex (Year 13) was awarded the Diana Warren Award for excellence in a vocational A Level.

Year 11 Drama students performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Mill Arts Centre in Banbury as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The cast of 15 performed brilliantly and the audience reaction was fantastic. The Shakespeare Schools Festival

representative commented on the performers’ confidence and the control that they took of the play. Special mention

goes to Hamid who, having arrived at Sibford just two years ago speaking hardly any English, took on the role of Theseus. Head of Drama Neil Madden said: “Hamid’s presence on stage was outstanding.”

Museum visit

Boarders enjoyed a tour of the award- winning Ashmolean

Museum during a weekend-trip to Oxford.

Lending a helping hand

On Tuesday 28 November, Sibford Old Scholar Bee Whittaker returned to talk to the current Sixth Form about the charity she has set up called Helping Hands, writes Debby Evans (pictured left with Bee).

The charity hands out bags, filled with essential items such

as toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipes, warm gloves, hats and a snack, to London’s homeless people. The bags cost £4.50 each to produce. Tutor group 13 DE has nominated Helping Hands as its charity for this year and is aiming to raise enough money to purchase 100 bags. Bee gave an inspiring talk, with facts about why people

become homeless and alarming statistics about life expectancy and ill treatment from passers-by. One of her key messages was that she always carries a spare snack bar and bottle of water so that she can hand it out to anyone she sees on the street. As Bee said “who is likely to need it most – them or me?”


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