by angelica osborne

PRIDE season is upon us once again! The days are getting longer, the sun is getting

hotter and I’m trying to figure out a strategy for getting out of my winter body... As I write this, my Facebook time hop shows that

on this day in 2008 I had posted “I’m positive after gay marriage is legal, everyone will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about…And why it took so long.” It’s hard to believe it was just a few, short years

ago, we were still fighting for it to become law. Since then, I’ve heard more than one person who has said, “Do we still need Pride?” and “What are we fighting for?” In a world where the president of Chechnya has declared the “elimination of all gays” by the end of May, it’s clear there’s still plenty to fight for. Even in our own country, there are officials trying to back up the hard-fought LGBT progress that has already been made! Of course, there’s more to Pride than fighting. Just

like the Women’s March or the Science Supporters March, a lot of the purpose of doing so, is to be seen and heard…To represent. And maybe to finally have someplace to wear that rainbow Mohawk! Millennials are here and they are coming out like

never before! I know it’s hard for we earlier genera- tions to keep up with all the letters being added on to LGBT these days, but, I have to believe it’s a good thing. Younger people are definitely tearing down labels and lines at a rapid pace! I try to keep up, but even your fave Fruit Fly gets confused. The other day my friend told me her daughter told her the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for questioning...


I know it’s hard for we earlier generations to keep up with all

the letters being added on to LGBT these days, but I have to believe it’s a good thing. Younger people are definitely tearing down labels and lines at a rapid pace! I try to keep up, but even your fave Fruit Fly gets confused.”

I thought it was for queer! She said, “Do we need queer if we have gay, though?” I really had to think and then still Googled it to be sure! Then I learned that the “I” for intersex and “A” for asexual is being added, too. Other people were suggesting, what about pansexual? Non-binary? Gender fluid? Well shit, no one told me. I’m all for inclusion and being open-minded and evolving, but these young’uns are just gonna need to give me a little bit more time before they keep adding more letters. Gal, I’m trying!!! My daughter will correct me when I say “she” instead of “he” or “they”

fruit fly

for a friend’s significant other who doesn’t identify with either gender. I’m like, “Okay, thank you for helping me remember, but lose the eye roll, would you?” I’m 45! When I was growing up, there were only three choices. Even then, just because you messed around with someone of the same sex, didn’t even necessarily mean you were bi…I guess it was just a different day. People need to be free to express themselves, so

I support all of it wholeheartedly, but let’s lose the attitude, kids. The only reason your generation is so free to be themselves and has so many choices, is because of the generation that fought for that awareness over the past 30 or 40 years. I think it would be good for those veterans to come out again and for both generations to meet up. We can certainly learn from each other and Pride events are the perfect opportunity to do just that. Besides, all those 20-somethings need we 40-somethings to remind them to put on sunscreen and hydrate when they drink too much! And, we need them to show us how to use the latest technologies and keep up with trends…And of course, to keep us up-to-date on who we’re offending. Ha...Just kidding! I love Millennials and all that they have to offer,

but, I also think it’s okay to remind them every now and then how we all got here.

Happy Pride Everyone!

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