spotlight: PRIDE long beach

were created by God to give us little melodies and cheer us up. Has it changed over the years? Everything in life is in constant change. In music,

things have been simplified a lot. Melodies and lyrics are now less elaborate and rhythm has taken over the attention. Can you tell us a story about one of your favorite concert/show moments? I was about to get ready in the green room of


Born in Argentina, Amanda Miguel’s musical

roots began very early. The daughter of a music teacher, she showed great promise as a child and by 16 had moved to Buenos Aires to study voice and piano at the Conservatorio de Albert Williams. It was there she met future husband, Diego Verdaguer, joining his group Mediterráneo, along with fellow Argentinian singer, Valeria Lynch who, like Miguel, would go on to successful solo careers as a singer and actress. She recorded her first album, El Sonido Vol. 1, in

1981 to much critical acclaim and followed it a year later with El Sonido Volumen II and shortly after, El Ultimo Sonido Volumen III, fashioning hit songs with her powerful vocals such as “Él Me Mintió [He Lied to Me]” and “Mi Buen Corazón [My Good Heart].” Songs that would go on to become staples of Spanish radio stations, remaining so to this day. With 16 albums to her credit, that show her range

in varying musical styles, Miguel has sold more than 40 million records worldwide. Her most recent being80*15, achieved much success, offering

28 RAGE monthly | MAY 2017

a venue and realized that I had forgotten all my makeup and it was already too late to go back to the hotel. Fortunately, one of my fans offered to let me use hers and that’s how we pulled it off. My fans are the most supportive people and I can always count on them! We artists have to carry so many things in our suitcases, that sometimes it’s hard to not forget something. Therefore, I now have my own checklist and every time I have a show, I go over every single item! You’ve had a long career, with 14 albums released. What have been some of the highlights, musically for you? I always like to go back and appreciate that I

by joel martens

new, original music and remastered versions of her greatest hits. Miguel’s appearance at Long Beach Pride is part

of the landmark 20th anniversary celebration on the Fiesta Caliente Stage’s inception and features 20 years of artists who have previously performed there. Miguel will share the stage with the likes of: Kat Deluna, Sonora Tropicana, La Chiqui Baby, Ana Victoria, the Selena Tribute Band, Maria Jose and Mariana Seoane. As a special treat, she will also perform a selection with her daughter,Ana Victoria.


Please tell us a little about what music means to you. To me, music is like love. It has the power to produce wonderful feelings: It heals your life, changes your mood, gives you strength and brings you happy memories. Music is the best companion. Without music, life would be so sad. Even birds

had the chance to experience the physical album and single sales era, because it was the biggest recognition for any artist. With my first single “Así no te amará jamás” I sold more than 20 million copies! That means more than 20 million people went to the store and purchased a record to keep at home and play! Please tell us a little about how you became involved as headliner for Long Beach Pride’s Latin Stage this year. Club Papi was assigned to carry out the Fiesta Caliente Stage and they came up with the idea! My daughter Ana Victoria, who is performing on Sunday, is working with them for an LGBT tour, so they both reached out to me to talk about it and I was instantly thrilled with the idea. She will actually produce the show, specially crafted for Long Beach LGBT Pride. I can’t wait to be on stage! Have you performed at an LGBT event in the past? What are the differences in how fans react to you and your music? Absolutely! I have performed in countless clubs

and festivals throughout Mexico and the United States. The LGBT audience is by far the most loyal! They have been by my side in the good and bad times on and off stage, no matter what. They have chosen my songs to be anthems in the LGBT

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