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POLLINATOR Blondie “Oh, is it doom or destiny?” is Deborah Harry’s question from the opening track of the new albumPollinator. It’s more like pure pollen from the “queen bee” of punk that is nothing but pure honey on all the new songs on Blondie’s latest release. There is an energy present that continues to light a flame that harkens back to the very best albums they have created. For those familiar with Eat to the Beat orParallel Lines, they have captured the essence anew in fine form. Available May 5



COUNTING FOR THUNDER A refreshing change of pace, exploring the relationship of a Southern family and the diversity of sexuality, takes place inCounting For Thunder. An autobiographi- cal story adapted to film by Phillip Irwin Cooper, it takes on stronger resonance as Cooper wrote the screenplay and directed this film, as well. Understanding the dynamics of family, the heartbreak of loss and the strengths found along the way is at the heart when a mother is dying of cancer and her gay son returns home after an unsuccessful career in Los Angeles.

Available May 2

UTOPIANS Exploring the boundaries of gay sexuality and fantasy, a college student comes to terms with his identity in Utopians. A college professor changes his perspective with the ideology of “Utopian Thoughts” as sexual liberation and self-identity are the themes of director/ writer/producer Scud. A strong use of full-frontal nudity and graphic imagery is vividly explored as Scud utilizes the scenes throughout as an homage to the gay filmmakers who have influenced him creatively and intellectually.

Available May 2

SEASON FOUR Kudos toOrange Is the New Black’s creator Jenji Kohan and her remarkable sense of storytelling with the deliverance of a brilliant ensemble cast who prove that time spent in a women’s prison is anything but a good time. Season Four of the award-winning show takes on overcrowding and racial wars while still managing to keep the presence of humor and these women’s sense of individuality and spirit intact.Orange Is the New Blackexcels at presenting a caustic and sometimes

frightening look at life behind bars.Available May 9 ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK:

DREAMCAR Dreamcar Musical touches of Bow Wow Wow, The Cure, Adam Ant, Oingo Boingo and others dance through the chords and stylings of this sonic experience from Dreamcar. This new hybrid formed by members of No Doubt: Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont with the lead singer from AFI, Davey Havok provide a rejuvenation of sounds which are still as fresh as their musical inspirations. Get into the groove of “All of the Dead Girls” and discover just one of the “joy” rides from Dreamcar’s self-titled debut. Available May 12

HELLO DOLLY! New Broadway Cast Recording “It Takes a Woman...” And that woman, is entertainer extraordinaire Bette Midler in Hello Dolly! It’s no won- der that this wonder woman of show biz is reveling in a role tailor-made for her talent. The Broadway cast recording captures all the magic of Midler and the cast’s performance and with the timeless music and lyrics from Jerry Herman, there is a sure bet to be impressed. Don’t let the parade pass you by… Bette leads the way along with David Hyde Pierce to delight in Hello Dolly!Available May 12


SPARTACUS INTERNATIONAL GAY GUIDE 2017 Briand Bredford-Eichler Have the itch to get out of Dodge? Feel the need to seek new adventures and see a part of the world you haven’t yet? LetSpartacus be your guide. This travel must-have presents almost everything about gay travel information in over 135 countries. With summer vacations just around the bend, pick your destination and discover the close to 21,000 resourceful listings for the right hotel, activity or nightlife scene to relax, dine and unwind. Who’s going to pay for it? That’s up to you. Available now

SERIOUSLY… WHAT AM I DOING HERE? THE ADVENTURES OF A WONDERING AND WANDERING GAY JEW Ken Schneck Enjoy the stories of a true adventurer (though he didn’t even know it!). Schneck is the go-to gay man for travel escapades and life lessons with his revelations, insights and sense of discovery in many a road never taken. From Uganda to the woods of the Colorado Rocky Mountains or experiencing a bike ride that is over 400 miles, Ken has the hutzpah for new destinations while his perspective and knowledge from his travels is presented with honesty, pathos and humor at the

same time.Available May 23

THEFT BY FINDING: DIARIES (1977-2002) David Sedaris The diary of David Sedaris is revealed as he releases a daily recollection of life around him and his percep- tions of it; spanning a time period of 25 years. His observations of culture and his daily thoughts from 1977 through 2002 are a vivid time capsule. Sedaris believes, the more you write… The better writer you become. There’s no disclaiming his talent and there are no entries found such as “Dear Diary, It was a boring day.” His unique take on life is prevalent and ever present. Available May 30

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