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Police report There had been a theft from a vehicle in South Street – no other crimes were reported. Cllr Manser said there had been two thefts from a garden in North Street – this had been reported to the police with the registration number of the vehicle thought to be involved. No police action had yet been taken. Budget 2017/18 Allwere in favour of the increase of £2.60 per year for a bandD property. Delegated authoritywas given to the chairman and the clerk to finalise the budget up to an increase of £3. War memorial Cllr Manser had spoken to a local stone shop regarding the cleaning and restoration of the memorial and had obtained a quote for £7,500 + vat. He would get two further quotes for the next meeting. Annual meetings The annual meetings of the council would be in the parish hall at 7.30pm on May 10, prior to the full council meeting in the parish hall. The annual parish meeting would be held onWednesday, April 19 in the parish hall. The clerk had invited Colin Finch to be the guest speaker but had not heard back. Itwas agreed that no folder would be produced this year. Groups which aend will be allowed five minutes to talk about their year. Pavilion non-payment Due to new people running the club and a change of email address, the invoices had not been received. The hirer would be issuing a cheque straight away. Itwas agreed that if any payments were outstanding, before the third invoice was issued a polite reminder would be sent. Cedar Drive Cllr Doe had asked Mr King about the clearance of the land by Cedar Drive. The work had not yet been done due to badweather. One of the beech trees on land by Cedar Drive had twisted. It would cost £450 to reduce and clear the tree. Itwas agreed to proceed with the work. Street lights The LED lightswere being changed. If residents felt the new lights needed adjusting they should let KCC know and the shades could be moved slightly. Pavilion The new kitchen had been installed and looked lovely. Itwas agreed that Cllr Manser could buy more plates and cutlery.

A BOARDMAN bike was stolen when a garage was broken into in Adisham Drive, Allington. Various itemswere stolen from a gym

locker room in The Broadway. Someone entered a property in Beech

Drive, and took items that did not belong to them. A vehicle parked in Tonbridge Road had

its nearside wing mirror stolen. Therewas an aempted break-in at a property in Bedford Place. Windows of a property in Loose Road

were broken by offenders throwing stones at them. A vehicle parked in a residential parking

place in Buckland Hillwas broken into and a satnav stolen.




46 Maidstone April 2017

Resignation Cllr Hyndman’s resignation would be formally noted at the next meeting. All members wished herwell and shewas thanked for her hard work.


Communitywarden Graffiti at the KGV playing fieldwas discussed. Paint had been sprayed on the apparatus in the play area and benches at the top of the field. The warden had not been able to remove it. Therewas graffiti on the tree trunks at the top of the field – Cllr Charlie Hollister would speak to a tree surgeon.Areport from the warden noted shed break-ins and urged members of the public to keep sheds secure. Parking Itwas noted that PCSO Douglas Muir could not do anything about parking at the junction ofWalnut TreeAvenue and the A229. Itwas suggested that the parish council get in touch with the parking enforcement agency. Community hub Therewas a discussion with the Roller Hockey Club to look at pitch sizes and other ideas. Once some ideas had been put together there would be public consultations. The commieewas to look at funding. Itwas suggested that it might be an idea to see how Cranbrook PCwas progressing with its new community centre. The commiee would also ask the church if itwanted to be involved. Brooks field shed It had been confirmed that the shed belonged to the parish council. The state of the shedwas discussed and it was agreed that the asbestos posed a potential risk to members of the public. The shed would be demolished and fencing would be put in place to close the gap in Tylers border, paid for by the parish council. Old Loose HillAn email had been received from KCC Cllr Eric Hotson. Griers and emergency vehicles could not get through due to parked cars. Double yellow lines were proposed from the bus stop to the allotment gates. Thiswas agreed. Local plan Factors affecting Loose included the allocation of land in Boughton Lane whichwas taken out of the plan due to the high volume of traffic onto the Loose Road. Consideration of housing supplywas mentioned and that the inspector did make

reference to windfall sites. Meetings The annual parish meeting would take place on April 26. The April parish council meeting woud take place on April 10, due to Easter. The December meeting would be moved to December 11. There would be no meetings duringAugust. Trianglewall The clerk said thewall had been hit by anAApick-up truck. TheAA would arrange to have it repaired.


Environmental Enhancement The budget for the car park had been exceeded. Itwas suggested that the overspend should be transferred from the reserves. Itwas also highlighted that the cost of the traffic survey should come from the contingency budget. The clerk would action the necessary virements. The income and expenditure for the parish quiz nightwas queried in respect of VAT reclaim. The budget reportwas agreed. Burial Groundwall The deputy clerk had met with the Heritage Loery Fund. Itwas agreed that the deputy clerk should continue preparations for making a further application for a HLF grant and that a sub commiee should be formed for the upkeep of the burial ground. Tovil Stores’wall Itwas agreed to approve a maximum of £20 to make good thewall after the removal of the redundant notice board. Cllr Porter would carry out the work. Lier bins Itwas proposed to buy seven combined lier and dogwaste bins at a maximum cost of £3,500 – £2,100 for the bins and £1,400 for installation. The parish council logo would be used in gold on black bins with appropriate wording in line with MBCbins. Itwas agreed to buy seven bins at a cost of £1,750 from next year’s budget. Street naming Suggestions for the name of the development on land at Cripple Street included SaxonWay, SankeyWays and Guy Gibson’sWay.Avotewas held and Saxon Waywas agreed. Fete 2017 The county council had agreed that the fete should be held at the Kent Fire and Rescue headquarters in Tovil. Faulty light The light at the footbridgewas faulty andwas to be reported.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police A shed in Pheasant Lanewas broken

into. In Loose Road, therewas an aempt to

break into a garage by using a vehicle to smash into the door. The offender drove off and the doorwas not breached so nothing was stolen. Someone caused malicious damage to a property in Straw Mill Hill. The driver’s side windowwas broken on

a Kia Magentis in a car park in Boughton Lane. Nothing was taken. Deliberate damagewas caused to a

vehicle in Loose Road. A bicyclewas stolen from the driveway

of a property inWestmoreland Road. The chain to the padlockwas cut. On the same day, dieselwas also stolen from a vehicle parked on a driveway in the road. An empty building in Northumberland Roadwas damaged by vandals.

Numerous items of jewellery and a mobile phonewere taken during a burglary in Highland Road. An Indy Kaiser pedal cyclewas stolen

from outside a shop in Northumberland Road. A housewas broken into in Graveney

Road. A heavy duty lockwas cut off a chained

gate in an alleyway between houses in Upper Road. A yellow skipwas stolen from a builder’s

yard in Courtenay Road. A white/blue Merida bicyclewas stolen

from where it was secured in a supermarket car park in Romney Place. High value power toolswere stolen from

a black Citroen Dispatch parked outside a house in The Penstocks. A housewas broken into inWalnut Tree Avenue, Loose.

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