Police target scrap dealers

A CRACKDOWN on illegal scrap metal dealing by police has led to three arrests for a number of dif- ferent offences. Kent Police officers and specials

from Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Tun- bridgeWells and Tunbridge issued two enforcement notices in Maid- stone and one in Tunbridge Wells for carrying scrap without a licence or unlawful loads. The Environment Agency also is-

sued five notices for fly-tipping and the DVLA clamped nine vehicles. During the operation, Steven

Jarvis (31), of Hampshire Drive, Maidstone, was arrested on Ad- dlestead Road, East Peckham, after the vehicle hewas inwas picked up by the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. He was charged with driving without insurance or a licence and using a motor vehicle with a tyre tread of less than 1mm. He was bailed to appear before West Kent Magistrates’ Court. A 31-year-old man from Maid-

stone was also arrested in Wrotham. When police stopped

him he was found with two wraps of drugs. Officers seized his phone, and car. He was subsequently ar- rested for possession with intent to supply cocaine and driving while unfit through drugs and has been bailed until Tuesday, April 18. Lee Martin (41), of Chatham Hill,

Sevenoaks,was charged and bailed to appear beforeWest Kent Magis- trates’ Court. Police targeted scrap metal yards

and access roadswere policed with ANPR vehicles and partner agency enforcement officers. Businesses which sold secondhand jewellery and other itemswere also targeted. Police Inspector Rachel McNeil

said: “This operation was with other agencies, including the Envi- ronment Agency, DVLA and local councils, who all came together to work to tackle crime across West Kent.

“Kent Police continue to crack

down on those who think they are above the law.We made some good arrests on the day and gained lots of intelligence which will be used to tackle crime going forward.”

David Admiju, Sam Grief and Joseph Jabatie were convicted of GBH Trio guilty of assault

THREE men have been jailed for their roles in an assault which left a man with a broken jaw. DavidAdemiju and Sam Grief, of Maidstone, and Joseph Jabatie,

of Larkfield, carried out the assault in September 2016. They denied grievous bodily harm but were convicted at Maid-

stone Crown Court. The court heard the attack happened in Upper Stone Street at

about 6.30am, on Tuesday September 6, after the trio was thrown out of a bar following a dispute with a woman inside. The victim, a friend of the woman, saw the men nearby and spoke

to them. He then walked away but Ademiju and Jabatie began to argue with him.Ademiju ran into an alley and reappeared a minute laterwearing a balaclava. He ran at the victim and punched him in the jaw. Jabatie then joined in and more puncheswere thrown. Grief then appeared from the other side of the road punching the

victim on the head several times before dragging him to the floor. Jabatie and Grief kicked him on the ground. This final assault took place outside a bar and ended when a man working at the premises managed to free the victim. All three men were arrested the following day. Ademiju (27), of

Brewer Street, Maidstone, was sentenced to seven and a half years for GBH. Jabatie (34), of Thackeray Road, Larkfield,was sentenced to seven years for GBH. Grief (24), of Lucerne Street, Maidstone, was sentenced to four years and five months for GBH.


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