Business Focus

Looking to Improve your Fitness and Health Long Term in a Fun and Alternative Way?

Interested in Enhancing your Self Defence Skills?

The main focus for the club is the development of an individual’s ability across a wide range of choice of Chinese Martial Arts classes. The classes follow a traditional format and as part of the range on offer include; Self-Defence, Martial Fitness, Kungfu, Sparring and / or gentle relaxation. There are classes for adults and separate classes for children.

You have the choice of attending as members or pay-as-you-go; there are scheduled classes, personal training and / or use of the full time facility for your own personal practice using equipment provided.

With a positive emphasis on technique and correct posture, you will work at your own pace whilst striving to achieve new goals. Instructors with many years of experience will provide a friendly, welcoming environment in which to realise individual objectives and we welcome

nervous clients. The current membership ranges from 4yrs to

75yrs of age. You can choose from a weekly timetable, the class, the day and the time to suit your lifestyle. For those that find scheduled classes difficult to attend, we offer a 1-2-1 Personal Training session at times of their choosing.

Commitment is the key to any successful workout program. Keep coming! Keep trying! You will succeed!! We appreciated that taking the first step is always difficult but please give it a go, you will not be sorry! Maybe bring a friend until you are sure, you will not regret it. enquiries@ We look forward to seeing you at KIXX Martial Arts Club soon.

07941 340 284 Business Focus Quality advice at affordable prices

Camrass Wills gives help and advice with Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Inheritance tax, Probate and Funeral plans. Peter Camrass has over 30 years’ experience in financial services and 6 years’ as a qualified legal adviser. Peter is a member of the Society of Will Writers, the largest self-regulatory trade body within the Will writing profession.

Based in mid Kent for the last 23 years, Peter is able to offer home visits around Kent giving quality advice at affordable prices. Why do you need advice?


Dying without a Will usually leaves your loved ones in a difficult position trying to sort everything out after you have gone.

Many couples have standard mirror Wills when their children and grandchildren would benefit greatly if the Wills were a little more detailed.

Lasting Powers of Attorney Without Lasting Powers of Attorney, life can be

very difficult for the family if someone loses the capacity to make their own decisions. Everyone should set up powers of attorney.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax can often be avoided if it is looked at early enough.

Funeral Plans

Paying for your funeral before you ’go' can be the best buy you ever make! You choose the funeral you want. You save your loved ones the

stress of organising it. No one has to worry about finding the money because you have already paid for it.

Monthly payment options available.

Phone Camrass Wills to book a free initial consultation. Tel: 01622 720985 or go online:

Maidstone April 2017 21

Do you need a speaker for your group?

Peter offers a choice of two talks;

1. Wills, trusts & powers of attorney.

2. Yalding floods, scouts & canoeing.

Both are informative & entertaining. FREE TASTER SESSION OFFERED

Kixx Martial Arts Offers both Courses and Personal Tuition across a whole spectrum of Martial Arts Programmes offering many and varied benefits for all ages and abilities.

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