Practice told: ‘get cleaner’

AGPsurgery in Maidstone has been prescribed a course of action to im- prove cleanliness and standards by a healthwatchdog. Following a visit to Dr Gopal Sinha’s Grove Park Surgery, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated the practice overall as “requir- ing improvement”. The inspector said that while the premiseswere generally clean, there were rust marks on the floor and dust in a nurse’s room. Cleanliness needed to be improved, said the CQCinspector, and infection control auditswere not carried out annually. The infection control lead had also not attended the relevant training. The CQC report conceded that

while risks to patients were gener- allywell-managed, the risks relating to staff working alonewere not, nor were recruitment checks on locums. The inspector also advised that

more needed to be done to improve outcomes for diabetics, who were recording higher glucose readings than elsewhere in the country. Ap- propriate records of all prescriptions and those on high risk medicines were also needed. The practice, rated as good for ef-

fective, caring and responsive serv- ices, was advised to continue its work to improve the low satisfaction scores from patients.

Catherine, 107, gets her fourth card from Queen

A CARD from the Queen was the icing on the cake for Catherine Hart, when she celebrated her 107th birthday. Catherine, who lives in a Maid-

stone care home, celebrated the big day with close family members. Affectionately known as Kate, she

was born in Bermondsey and spent the first 85 years of her life in Lon- don, surviving being bombed out by the Blitz a couple of times. Her hus- band, Harry, died in 1994, aged 87. The couple had one son, David,

who is now 70 and lives in Vinters Park. He pays frequent visits to his mum.Catherine also has two grand- children Russell (46) and Neville (43), and two great-grandchildren – 11-year-old Isobel and Finlay, nine. Her first jobwas at thePearce Duff custard factory in south London and shewent on to work for top institu- tions in the City. She was house- keeper at the Royal Bank of India and at the Savoy Hotel, and worked as a tea lady for anAustralian insur- ance company for 15 years. Catherine also served as a nursing

Catherine Hart aged 18 (left), and right aged 107 with her birthday card from the Queen

assistant at St Olave’s Hospital in Rotherhithe. Shemoved to Rochester in the late

1990s, and moved to a Bearsted care home about seven years ago. David said: “She is not able to do

too much now but she had a lovely time on her birthday. She had a cake andwas very proud to get her birth- day card from the Queen. “She is an amazing person and has

always been very generous and car- ing. She would give someone her last shilling. “She had a difficult time during

WorldWar II, with the bombing of the London docklands. She and her sister, Nell, lived in Bermondsey during the Blitz. My dad was away in the army. Theywere made home-

less by the bombing a couple of times but she never complained.” The latest card from the Queen is

her fourth, as they are not sent be- tween years 100 and 105. Catherine is the fifth oldest woman in Kent, with Alice Ducat of Hythe four years ahead of her at 111. In the UK, Kate ranks 146th with Bessie Cammin, of Rotherham, top- ping the league at the age of 112.

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We are currently looking for volunteers to lend a much needed hand in our Maidstone Donation Centre & Charity Shop

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Variety of roles required from customer service, sorting stock, volunteer drivers, mates, warehouse activity  moving stock, changing furniture roomset us fofor more details


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