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Managing to lose weight

GOVERNMENT pressure to pro- mote healthier lifestyles and per- sonal weight loss is leading to greater involvement by local NHS. Weight management services are now categorised in four tiers:

1 Self-management and health pro- motion.

2 Self-management with commu- nity-based support.

3 Focused psychological, medical and behavioural change support for at least six months. (This serv- ice helps patients prepare for sur- gery and gives post-operative advice.)

4 Bariatric surgery provided by ap- proved centres (there are none in Kent). Local and county authorities are responsible for tiers 1 and 2 and the NHS for tier 4. KCC has been funded for tier 3 but this responsi- bility is now being transferred to theNHSand will be commissioned inWest Kent by the GP-led Clinical Commissioning Group. Last year, therewere 204 referrals

inWest Kent for tier 3 and 175 pa- tients undertook the programme. Average body mass index of those referred was 52 and all suffered from such problems as diabetes, heart conditions and depression.

Plan to speed up cancer diagnoses

FASTER cancer investigation and treatment are planned for local pa- tients by NHSWest Kent Clinical Commissioning Group. A new Direct Access Pathway

means GPs will have the option to refer patients who might have can- cer directly for a scan or an X-day, retaining responsibility for patients through this process rather than refer them to a consultant. Only patients who have cancer

will be referred for treatment and these should be seen more quickly, Those who do not have cancer will avoid the anxiety of a referral to cancer services.

Currently most patients are sent

to Maidstone Hospital on four to six weeks pathways with a 62-day target to begin the first definitive treatment. The local hospital trust achieved

only 78% of this target in the month of December. But the two-week wait achievement in December at 95.1%was above the national stan- dard. The change is not expected to re-

quire more GP time and resources.  In January, West Kent made a Cancer Transformation Bid for a di- agnostic hub and endoscopy work to improve access and capacity.

Report identifies GP shortage A SERIOUS shortage of GPs in Kent and Medway has been highlighted by KentCountyCouncil, which says in a report that “people find it difficult to ac- cess GP services”. It says there are now 136 vacant GP posts across the county and claims

therewould be 245 more full-time GPs if Kent had the same as the national average. Dr Bob Bowes, chairman of NHSWest Kent Clinical Commissioning Group, accepted these figures, to be included in Case for Change in the up- coming Kent Sustainability and Transformation Plan. He said: “InWest Kent,we are not as badly affected as some areas butwe,

along with all health service providers, are looking athowwe can continue to meet the changing needs of our population.”

Trust fails to meet targets

AMBULANCE waiting times in West Kent continue to deteriorate. In December the eight-minute

target for Red 1 cardiac calls fell to 55.19% (target 75%) and for Red 2 other emergency calls to 38.12% (target 75%). The 19-minute target was met 91.26%. The problems were “exacerbated by peak de- mand in December”. The SECAmb trust, which was

placed in ‘special measures’ in Sep- tember,was due to be re-inspected in March.

New local funding

THE Department of Health is in- creasing the financial resources to NHS West Kent Clinical Commis- sioning Group by 2.67% for 2017-18 compared with 5.03% for the cur- rent year. Total sum will be £625,632,000. More than half (£323,770,000) is budgeted for acute (hospital) services.

Growing Up

For two decades, Downs Mail has served the people of Maidstone and Malling with pride and confidence.

As a company, we have built a hard-earned reputation as a family-owned, independent publishing house renowned for reliable journalism, honest commercial partnerships and a loyal readership.

In April, we celebrate our 20th birthday in the knowledge we have a secure berth in the choppiest waters the newspaper industry has ever known.

Unlike other news media organisations, Mail Publications Ltd has expanded our newspaper portfolio with a fifth Downs Mail edition, to serve Maidstone, and a website which grows in popularity day by day.

The local authorities serving Maidstone and Malling are committed to building more homes in order to meet the growing demand, so we will endeavour to include all residents in our delivery as they come on stream.

30 Maidstone April 2017

This will provide an even bigger platform for local businesses to connect with local people.

Our quarterly lifestyle magazine Mid Kent Living also goes from strength to strength - providing great ideas for places to visit, things to do, lifestyle ideas, home improvements and the like.

We’re growing our sales team Mail Publications Ltd has also been a local employer for 20 years, happy to share in the continued success of the business, which is we’d why like to hear from you.

We are looking for people who enjoy success and want to be part of a winning sales team. People who are keen to make a difference, develop their skill sets and contribute to our future growth.

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities available send your CV with a short covering note to Bill Brett, Sales Manager by Friday 7th April.


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