Calvary is the place where my blind eyes were opened Calvary is the place where I was set free Calvary is the place where my burden was lifted Jesus my Savior became precious to me

- Words from old Pentecostal chorus

One thing becomes apparent if you look at the articles in this issue of WORLD EVANGELISM magazine – There are all kinds of needs in the world.

There are children in India, Africa and Moldova who need loving Christian champions to pray for them and help provide items like food, clothing, housing and medical care. For them, the compassion of one person can be a lifeline to hope and a better tomorrow.

There are women in the United States who need love, support and acceptance after facing the darkness of drugs and abuse. Like Mary Magdalene of old, these women need someone to see beyond where they are now and show them the way of Christ. They can be delivered from physical infirmities and spiritual oppression to faithfully serve God with gladness and testify to others of His grace.

There are people around the world who long for a copy of the written Word of God in their own language. Preachers come and go, but the written Word abides from generation to generation. As Jesus states in Mark 13:31, "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away."

But while the needs presented within these pages vary, the answer is still the same: “Calvary covers it all.”

The same Jesus that is so precious to you and to me can become precious to others. Once, you were lost, hurting and in great spiritual need; Jesus found you and changed your life. The people highlighted in this magazine live in different countries and speak different languages. But their basic need for salvation and healing is the same as yours —- CHRIST CAN FIND THEM THROUGH YOU.

So as you prayerfully read these articles, as the Spirit of God quickens a people and a need, please respond and do something about it without delay. Because the blood that Jesus shed at Calvary still flows freely today to change lives of all people in every nation.

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