some to leave the country for a better life, while those who remain fight a constant battle to eke out a living.

Rev. Ghiorghi Cazacu, our WME ministry partner in Romania and Moldova, leads an outreach to a state-run children’s Home located at Cornesti. The children have been brought to this Home because their parents are dead, lost, chronically ill or destitute. The Home has a dedicated staff, many of whom are believers. Though the resources provided by the government are limited, the staff works hard to provide good care to these wards of the state. But in a country with little opportunity and depressed wages where life is a struggle to survive, what is provided to these children is barely adequate.

Ghiorghi and his team regularly visit the Home, and their visits are treasured by the children and staff alike. Ghiorghi encourages the staff, talks with them about their concerns and goals, and prays for God to give them strength. As for the children, their faces light up when they see Rev. Ghiorghi arrive. Peals of delighted laughter can be heard as the children receive a big hug and caring words. The ministry team brings beloved items like balls, bubbles, fruit and simple toys. They also carry the kind of supplies that a Home full of young children needs —- shoes, underwear, clothing and the like. And sometimes, Ghiorghi shares the joyous news that a compassionate donor is replacing their ancient, worn- out equipment.


How You Can Get Involved

1. Send underwear, socks, or sleepwear for a child $10 2. Supply bedding, sheets, or towels $25 3. Give food through WME’s Food For Hunger program $25 4. Provide a kitchen stove/oven to children’s home $3,400 to $4,000

Mark 9 tells of Jesus taking a child into His arms in the midst of His disciples and saying, “Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth…Him that sent me.” Rev. Ghiorghi embraces that call to openly love, accept and bless in the name of Christ these Moldovan children who are poor, fatherless and hurting. By ministering to the children and staff of this Home, Ghiorghi and his team are showing these children God’s grace as they also bring glory to the One who sent them to serve the most vulnerable of society.

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