Huguenotes Barbershop Quartet Is Once Again Ready To Serenade Your Honey On Valentine’s Day & Support Children, Too

by CHUCK NEILSON Tenor, Huguenotes Barbershop Quartet

VALENTINE’S DAY IS approaching, and McCormick is lucky enough to have a unique way to express love to not only lovers, but also to children in need, too. The Huguenotes Barbershop Quartet will celebrate Valentine’s Day for the 15th consecutive year with “Singing Valentines” delivered on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017.

The Huguenotes Barbershop Quartet will present a bouquet of flowers and serenade a sweetheart with several love songs for a donation to the McCormick Children’s Home, a win-win situation if there ever was one. Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday this year, and the Quartet is planning delivery of Valentines on Monday, February, 13 as well. Monday will be primarily for workplaces, schools, businesses, restaurants and private individuals in the McCormick and Greenwood area. Tuesday, February 14, will focus on private individuals, party events, as well as other locations like those mentioned above. If your group is planning a Valentine Party for the weekend, the quartet can accommodate your plan with an entertainment package to suit the need.

The Quartet was reorganized in 2016 with the addition of Bass, Roy Phillips and Baritone, Howard Albert joining the two other original members Tenor, myself and Lead, Bob Osterman. The new quartet is working hard to expand our song selection to keep repeat and new customers interested. The growth of the SLV community has provided many new opportunities for providing “Singing Valentines.” The quartet began the Valentine promotion as a way to raise money for the McCormick Children’s Home. Since initiating this annual volunteer effort in 2003, the quartet has raised nearly $25,000 for support of the home’s operating expenses.

One of the longest repeat customers, Anna and Grant Winstead , in their 9th year 2016.

All of the money raised by this endeavor is returned to the home.

The McCormick Children’s Home is a private, non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter for abused, neglected or abandoned children from all regions of the state. Its located on the John De La Howe campus in McCormick County. Each year, the facility cares for approximately 200 youngsters ranging in age from birth to 17 years old. It receives funding from the state Department of Social Services but relies, in large part, on fundraising events, donations and grants to meet its expenses. Many Savannah Lakes Village residents are volunteering their time to help the home meet the needs of its children. “Singing Valentines” is the way the quartet is volunteering it’s time to support this worthy organization.

The Huguenotes quartet, all residents of Savannah Lakes

Village, have begun accepting reservations to perform the “Singing Valentines” for 2017. You may order a “Singing Valentine” for the McCormick area by calling the quartet hot line at 864-391-5006. In the Greenwood and Abbeville area, call 864-602-9769.

Quartet photo left to right Chuck Neilson, Bob Osterman, Roy Phillips, and Howard Albert.

8• February 2017 •

The quartet has several repeat customers who annually purchase a valentine to support this worthy cause. To honor these special patrons, the quartet will add a rose to the bouquet for each year of participation. One of our longest customers has been purchasing valentines since 2007 and will probably renew in 2017. The quartet’s biggest problem is to find different love songs to keep the patrons coming back. The Valentines will be delivered from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call to reserve a time slot that will best suit your needs. Each recipient will receive a flower, a Valentine card from the sender and a selection of special ‘Valentine’ love songs suitable for the occasion. All donations collected for this effort are tax deductable and are returned 100 percent to the McCormick Children’s Home. Gals, don’t forget your male friend or husband. They receive a chocolate rose instead of flowers, a card from you and you both receive the love songs which set off the day.•

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