Pace of Play by JOHN RHOADS

What is this phrase “Pace of Play?” WHAT is its definition? HOW does it affect us as golfers? WHY should we as golfers be aware of it?

DEFINITION: The total time it takes for a person or group of persons to play either nine holes or eighteen holes. This time can vary greatly from three hours to five or six hours for an eighteen hole round. A nine hole round would be approximately half of the eighteen hole time.

SLV COURSE DEFINITION:Most courses TIME STANDARDS are in close approximation to SLV TIME STANDARD. SLV TIME STANDARD is two hours and eight minutes for nine holes and four hours and 15 minutes for eighteen holes. This TIME STANDARD was adopted several years ago from the USGA’s recommendation to scientifically establish a “TIME PAR” for each course. A trained-qualified analyst was commissioned to perform the research and the results are posted at each SLV course. These times are based on the difficulty of each course and in no way require “rushing” through your round.

GOLFER AFFECT: If you are playing to Tara’s or Monticello’s play time STANDARD, you are to be commended. If you are race- horsing your round and your play time is under the play time STANDARD, you may have to wait IF the group ahead of you is complying to the time STANDARD. If you are playing above the time STANDARD, you can expect a visit from the Pro Shop Staff requesting that you increase your pace or allow the group behind to play through.

WHY BE AWARE: If you love golf, you already know how great the game is and how frustrating it can be. That’s just golf. It’s difficult enough to maintain your swing, but trying to maintain it while dealing with slow play is almost impossible. More importantly, it’s unnecessary. Slow play negatively affects us all. It can be very frustrating and reduces member satisfaction. It even costs our community money when players who might normally stop for food or drink after a round, just storm to the parking lot and head home out of frustration. Slow play is not intentional. Therefore, all need to be aware of the PACE OF PLAY and what can be done to comply.

20• February 2017 •

SOLUTIONS: What can be done??? There are many solutions. Here are a few that will help:

1. Be ready when it’s your turn 2. Leave area of green before entering scores 3. Drop cart buddy off at their ball and go to your ball 4. Share your score with your marker as group leaves green 5. Keep your ball marker separate from your tees

6. Arrive at the course at a time that allows you to get to the tee box at your scheduled tee time

7. Consider your starting time as a contract with the course. The first ball of your foursome should be in the air on your starting time, not before or after.

8. Be courteous. Lose the “I paid my money, so i’ll play as slow as I want” attitude.

9. As a group, play and manage the gap in front of you.

10. A word about player ability: our courses have six sets of tees on each hole ready to welcome players of all levels.

11. Choose the right tees for you and take some responsibility for all to enjoy the day.

If slower players do not do what can be done to comfortably increase PACE OF PLAY, are they not intentionally causing displeasure for the group behind them? BE PLEASURE SEEKERS AND INCREASE YOUR PACE OF PLAY.•

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