WOMEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION WGA Celebrates its Silver Anniversary by MARY BUSHMAKER

2017 WILL RING in the 25th (Silver Anniversary) of the WGA and looks forward to another year of fun and growth. The WGA is calling all women to join and help in this monumental celebration year. The season kicks off with the Opening Meeting/Coffee on February 23 at the Recreation Center.

The Opening meeting is for the women to renew their membership and for new members to come and find out what all the WGA has to offer. Kicking off the event is a short meeting before the coffee for new members. This short intro will provide you with a guide of what to expect and review the information handed out. WGA plays on Thursdays and offers both 18 hole and 9 hole leagues. A schedule of events is passed out at the meeting. All interested golfers should have renewed or signed up at the Pro Shop to establish their GHIN Handicap for 2017. Watch for notices on the Neighborlink and the WGA bulletin boards. At the opening meeting, you will not only find out about all the WGA has on the schedule, there will also be events the Pro Shop will host. Outside of WGA, you will have access to CSRA, WSCGA, CGA and Nine Hole Interclub. Please watch the Neighborlink and bulletin boards at both courses for information on these.

WGA has already planned events for 2017, so please save the following dates:

• WGA Member/Guest May 3 (practice round) and May 4 at Tara Golf Course

• 18/9 Invitational June 1 at Tara • Member/Member September 20 at Monticello and 21 at Tara • WGA Championship October 11 at Monticello and 12 at Tara

• Closing meeting and luncheon on November 9 will be held at the River Grill

• SLV Club Championship September 8 at Monticello and the 9 at Tara. (This event is open to all golfers with an established handicap and sponsored by SLV Pro Shop.)

All these events give you a chance to compete, have fun and show support for your fellow golfers. So come on out, join the WGA and let us fill the courses each week.

ANY QUESTIONS OR concerns, please contact anyone one of the women listed below:

WGA 2017 Board of Directors: • President: April Meehan • Vice President: Barb Shelley • Secretary: Diana Bricely • Treasurer: Mary Markle

• 9 Hole Coordinators: Mary Ruth Haworth & Betty Dodge (Assistants Ann Martin & Jackie Peterson)

• 18 Hole Coordinators: Betty Palone & Pat Martin • 9 Hole Tournament Chair: Sundee Luedecke

• 18 Hole Tournament Chairs: Denise Uitto & Marianne Samenko

They are all more than willing to help, assist, or answer any of your questions.•

22• February 2017 •

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