Company Folders Mastering a Niche

Vladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO, Company Folders

Keego, Michigan-based Com- pany Folders has provided presentation folders, binders, and additional printed prod- ucts for 14 years. A member of Printing Industries of Michigan, they have recently embraced a new social media marketing strategy coupled with a lifetime product warranty to attract and retain clients across all of their product lines.

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PIA: How has your company’s history affected how you do business today? V.G.: I started Company Folders in 2003 because I saw a need that wasn’t being met. A client needed branded folders for his business, but when I researched similar products online, there were none. I was sorely disap- pointed with the lack of options and realized the issue reached beyond my client. That experience inspired me to create a new niche in the printing industry with Company Folders. To this day, we launch new products and design options each year to give our customers the most variety and largest selection of folders. PIA: Can you talk a little bit about your core mis- sion and values? V.G.: Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and widest selection of design options to empower our customers to represent their brands with custom marketing materials. We back our unparalleled quality with a lifetime product warranty, the only one of its kind in our niche. We also value trust; we strive to treat every customer and employee with respect. PIA: How have you fostered relationships with your best clients? V.G.: Our goal is to meet and exceed each client’s expectations. While customer rewards are nice, we’ve


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found that excellent service is the best way to build loyalty. Take this example for instance: a client ordered custom folders for visiting Japanese dignitaries, but a delayed delivery meant the folders would arrive after the client’s event. Japanese culture highly regards paper and packaging, so the client feared their event would be ruined without the folders. We reprinted the order and shipped it overnight at our own expense to make sure the folders arrived on time. That’s the type of service we strive to provide to every client, which fosters great relationships by building trust (See above for more). PIA: What are some key services and experi- ences that differentiate Company Folders from its competitors? V.G.: We offer more folder styles and design options than any other printing company. We’ve also created a phenomenal user experience on our website. For example, our presentation folder page makes it easy for customers to navigate to the exact style they want, and it includes important tips for choosing the right folder, accessories, and design options. PIA: Can you share a challenge that Company Folders has overcome? V.G.: Our early marketing strategy revolved around SEO. We built numerous links to create organic search traffic, which came primarily from Google. But in


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