after experiencing the bumps, bruises, and torn-up shoes, I was able to see what processes in the workflow needed improvement.

PIA: Why do you do what you do? BC: Some people may say that automation takes jobs away, but my reasoning is two-fold. We have the lowest unemployment and the highest use of automation numbers right now. With the advent of technology, we make improvements to the working conditions. A backhoe replaces dozens of people with shovels doing backbreaking work. A backhoe isn’t taking away from the people. It’s doing something more efficiently that people shouldn’t be doing.

PIA: What’s next for you? BC: There is still much work to be done. I see a problem and go after it. Organizations like PIA that recognize the need for innovation are important to the industry. Awards like the Reed Medal and InterTech™ Star add validity and draw focus on the fact that the work of an inventor is never complete.


■ Conforms to ISO 3664:2009 ■ Closest fit to CIE D50 curve

■ A wide range of products from desktop to floor stand to overhead models

■ Low relamping cost from manufacturer

■ Industry-best service and support

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. 845-562-7066 |

The Magazine 11 4.2017

An affordable digital-ready saddle stitcher that gets you in the game.

Introducing the Primera MC Standard.

With Finishing 4.0, your future is interconnected. Count on Muller Martini’s ground-breaking Finishing 4.0 systems, software and machines to deliver: • Automation within every phase of the printing process, from pre-press to distribution.

• Touchless workflow that streamlines production changes with little manual intervention.

• Variability in run size, product size, and content. 1.888.2MULLER 6.875x4.5_Primera_Standard.indd 1 3/3/17 4:34 PM

As shorter print runs become more and more mainstream, printers everywhere are challenged to prepare for their future, today. Enter Muller Martini’s Primera MC Standard which is designed to accommodate the addition of roll- fed or sheet-fed digitally printed products with advanced capabilities for hybrid and digital print production. What’s more, the Primera MC Standard features Muller’s latest saddle stitching technology and has a price point as low as competitive machines that are incapable of handling your digital future. So, get in the game today. Call 1.888.2.MULLER for more information. Muller Martini – your strong partner.

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